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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Video Interview


Thanks to Kat for the heads up on this video! I love the "Empire State of Mind" background music. It has become the Rangers new victory song. (Aaron Voros confirmed this last season through Twitter). Anyway, I would really appreciate it if anyone from Sweden can translate the video for the rest of us.


  1. Unfortunatley, My friend has not responded to me yet. So anyone who speaks Sweedish can do the honors and translate

    I will keep you guys updated on the translation....


  2. Phew........Ok She finally got back to me with a summary of the VIDEO, So Here it is:

    Last match was a disappointment. It was frustrating to see that penalties were necessary.

    Thinks he can become a better player. Henrik mentions things that can be improved in order to reach a higher level so that he (and others as well) can be better players. Last year, the big problem was that the team was erratic and it affected the team badly. It was so for many games. And you have to do better, both individually and for the team. Henrik wants to do it so that he can play more, he wants to play all the games. It's boring to sit on the bench and just watch, even if you need to rest sometimes.

    Henrik says that the team looks better this year.

    Dont want to leave Stanley Cup early, during the first or second round. The season is long, but it would be a dream to win the Stanley Cup at home in New York. Henrik says that performances in Stanley Cup varies from year to year, and that a season never looks like another one. As you can be successful in one season, and next season you fail miserably. So Henrik hopes that it goes better for the New York Rangers this season. He doesn’t see anything that can stop the team, so hopefully they’ll go all the way this time.

    So there it is...

    Sorry for the delay.....

  3. Thank you Kat and thanks to your friend, too. Sorry for the delay- I've had some computer problems lately so things have been hectic.