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Friday, November 5, 2010

Post-Game Reaction

From Ranger Rants:

Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist
Q: On Nikolay Zherdev’s goal…
“It was an unfortunate bounce. Well, I made the block. Then, it hit my stick. Then, I think it hit my chest and went straight up and then I kind of lost it. Somehow it just went over my shoulder. It’s bad luck but at the same time I need to be more determined to just push the puck back in the corner instead of just make a block. I think out of ten times, there’s no way that it can happen again.”

Q: Is it tough to be in a situation where you get the first goal, have the lead, and have them come back with four straight?
“Yeah. The way they scored, it didn’t feel like they had to work that hard to get them. I think we played pretty well. Obviously, the third one I had to have. Then, we had a couple breakdowns. Overall, I think these guys played a good game. Next time, we could play better.”

Q: When you say they didn’t have to work hard, isn’t that the worst feeling in the world when the team throws it out there and boom, it’s in there?“
“Well, a goal is a goal. Obviously, it’s tough when you know you have to stop that puck. It was just bad luck there on that bounce. It was weird. It hit me twice, I think, before it rolled over my shoulder. It is what it is.”

Q: What do you think they did tonight or you guys didn’t do enough of tonight, versus the last couple of games, to take away what you guys have been doing well?
“Well, I think we played a pretty good game. It’s just, they scored a couple goals here and they didn’t really have to work that hard. You know, then they got that 3-1 lead and kind of killed the momentum that we had. But, up until then I think we played pretty well. We just have to move on and try to forget about this.”

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