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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Martin Brodeur Said There is No Rivalry Between Him and Henrik Lundqvist


From the New York Daily News:

The legendary long-time New Jersey Devil and three-time Cup-winner once blocked Lundqvist’s quest for the Cup with a head-to-head win in the 2012 Eastern Conference finals. But Brodeur said even as an opponent, he always respected Lundqvist and admired his skill and longevity.

“As an individual I was friends with Mike Richter,” he said of the 1994 Rangers Cup-winning goaltender. “Fans create rivalries but it’s not something I feel towards (Lundqvist). We’ve met a few times and if we walk by each other we’ll say hi and stop and talk a little bit. The guy’s one of the best. And it’s good for an organization to be able to rely on one guy for so long, like him with the Rangers or me with the Devils.”

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