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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Read Henrik Lundqvist's Samsung Galaxy Team Olympic Diary


Name: Henrik Lundqvist
Sport: Hockey
Age : 31 years old
Height / weight: 185 cm/88 kg
Merits : Merits : Olympic gold , Vezina Trophy winner, two national championships .
Facts: If extreme vinnarskalle , which sometimes results in the parlor is disposed in the wall on Henry loses.

Henrik Lundqvist after eight years with the New York Rangers has become known as "The King" . And he is the Swedish goalie in the NHL has won the most matches and kept a clean sheet most times. 2012 was appointed Lundqvist for the NHL's best goalkeeper and awarded the prestigious Vezina Trophy. On the ice, Henrik is very energetic in his playing style. In Sochi 2014 he makes his third Olympics. Of course he goes for his second gold medal .
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Henrik Lundqvist diary updates

Hi , Henry here. Being a goalie is special. Is it badly affects the whole team . That's fine , it's wonderful . Follow me , I'll tell you about how to live as a goalkeeper , what it means to be an extremely poor loser, and how I exercise and do in order to constantly stay on top .

/ Henrik

Quality over quantity. Hey ! I usually get a few questions about how I practice. If I have any secret. If there are specific exercises that make one a good hockey goalie and if I exercise more than others. I do not, and I 'm not sure that there is no secret . I believe in quality over quantity , and when I train , I try to always keep focused and work really hard . In the gym , but above all on the ice. Late Sun , I think it is important the element of competition and to get training sessions as match as possible. The mental part is also extremely important: that the focus is there and that you are constantly thinking about what you do and what you can do even better. Of course I have not so good days too, where it stops and trying to find excuses. But should you get somewhere and get better you have to minimize those days , and it's something that I think many elite athletes have in common. If you aim to get to the Olympics , one must be prepared to invest the time and effort required , even on the days when it stops. That's the secret might . / Henrik

Have you won once you want to win again! Well, Henrik here! Glad you found your way to my diary. Right now the NHL season in full swing, and I play three to four games a week with the Rangers. Although the course is full focus on this season , I think still a lot on the OS . It's hard not to. Have you won once you want to win again, and I have high hopes for the championship in Sochi. There is only one goal: Swedish Olympic Gold . Through this journal , you will get an insight into what my life looks forward to the Olympics in Sochi. Much as I write here will be about training and hockey. I 'll tell you how I train to be able to perform at the level required , and I will simultaneously bjussa on some training tips for your readers . You will also get news updates from me, where I talk about how it goes for me and my team in New York. Have a good one so far! / Henrik

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