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Monday, December 9, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist Will Not Change His Lifestyle Because of New Contract; Had No Thoughts of Moving Elsewhere


LOS ANGELES . A seven-year contract worth approximately SEK 385 million . Henrik Lundqvist , 31, got his new dream contract with the New York Rangers yesterday.
But he thinks not start throwing money around .
- No, there will be no drastic stuff. I 'm not going to change my lifestyle and I'll be honest , I have earned the right okay for several years , he says to SPORT-Expressen .

The new annual salary from the 2014-15 season will be SEK 55 million .
- It feels good to have this done and it was in both mine and the club's interest to get it done. From my side , there were no thoughts to move elsewhere , I thrive in New York and want to complete my NHL career here.

You become the league's highest-paid goalie next season , what does that mean for you?
- Well, I do not think much of it. But it is important to have a good contract , it would of course take advantage of the opportunities they have in their careers. But for me, the length of the contract and the relationship with the Rangers more important. And of course , I am delighted with the money too.

How was your day and how are you celebrating ?
- There has clearly been a special day with a press conference and a lot of interviews . And then of course a lot of friends called and subtitled . Any celebration there will not be , we got a game here in Buffalo Thursday night so I 'll have to invite the guys to a lagmiddag in any other city some weeks to come.

You have not been playing the last two games , it has annoyed you?
- Of course you always want to play , but Cam Talbot was good against Vancouver on Saturday, so I understand that he got the chance later to Winnipeg , too. You have to take it the right way , to train even harder.

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