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Monday, December 9, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Video Interview


This week has been tumultuous for Henrik Lundqvist , Tre Kronor perhaps the most important players in the Olympics. Sportspegeln followed his emotional rollercoaster for three days in New York, against a record contract.

Benched again . The headlines were big on Monday. He sat on the bench for the second game in a row - it had not happened in almost three years . Was that a monarch at once ?

After the game had median Cam Talbot in focus. Lundqvist above assessors . When the reporters gathered around Talbot sits the Swedish star goalie a few feet away at his place in the dressing room , alone.

- It's not nice feeling to sit on the sidelines, it would be strange if you think that, at this level . I myself know that I have up . It's important not ponder, do not make too big a deal out of this .

- It has been a challenge so far, says Henrik Lundqvist quietly .

" Been thinking extra "

The following day , he drives a two-hour session on ice, he can train more - it might only positive , he says, of playing fewer matches.

Thinking about you a lot?

- I've always thought a lot about my game and it clearly with this start , there are some nights you 're considering extra maybe.

New York Rangers is constantly påpassat by the media, and even more during heavy periods . Goalkeeper issue becomes large space during these days and coach Vigneault may declare itself time after time . Is there a conflict? Is Henrik Lundqvist's position as the team's one threatened?

A large TV station pulls out målbur , pucks placed in a perfect pattern on the ice , bar stools with reporters , three cameras and Vigneault in the rink in the training facility .

They seek answers to questions they never expected that they would have to provide . Henrik Lundqvist's status as first goalkeeper and the club's biggest star has been unchallenged for nearly eight years.

" Want to finish my career here "

On Wednesday morning coaching the team again . Henrik Lundqvist runs another long pass, he goes on the ice 45 minutes before the rest of the team . The training is followed by an unusual number of reporter 's eyes , and an unusual number of cameras.

The news was then an hour out to Henrik Lundqvist and Rangers after months of deliberations agreed on a contract extension . The extension runs over seven years and is worth almost 400 million. He becomes the NHL's best paid goalkeeper and will stay in Manhattan the rest of his career.

- It was the length of the contract , not the money, which was important to me , says Lundqvist. I want to play a long time and I want to finish my career in the New York Rangers . This is my main contract , perhaps the last .

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