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Saturday, July 16, 2011

King Henrik's Bachelor Party


From reader Josey:

Henrik was dressed up as a king and had to play the guitar in central Gothenburg while trying to sell his dandruff shampoo. According to an eyewitness his friends were shouting at people in megaphones to come and buy shampoo bottles. Henrik had to earn his lunch! Mostly small children came forward so he gave them away for free with autographs. Later, Henke and the gang went to Mix Megapol where he got to record a song.


LONDON. It sells goalkeeper King Henrik Lundqvist's shampoo in central Gothenburg.
GT / Expressen met with NHL pro during his bachelor party.
- I collect money for lunch, he says.

The crown and robe made Henrik Lundqvist songs on guitar at the mall compass in central Gothenburg. In one ring was about twenty of his closest friends and filmed when he was made a laughing stock.
- They promised that they would not mock me! But it turned out to be total failure, says Henrik Lundqvist.
"Feels really good time"
The fans could buy a Head & Shoulders bottle and have it signed. Hockey star was in good spirits and happy to put up the picture. In the first week of August he will marry in the Caribbean.
- It feels really good time, says Henrik Lundqvist. It will be a small wedding with the next.]

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