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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist on Summer Nights Swedish Television Show

ShareThis I apologize for the late posting on this, I've had a busy week.

Here's the link to the show:

Thank you to reader Anna for providing a translation for us.

Here it is:

He’s there
from about 27.30 and gets presented as ’the worlds most dandruff-free hockey

He brought some cole slaw to the BBQ party and says that hamburgers is probably what he
eats most, about 2-3 times a week. Says that he’ll be in Sweden for 2 months and meet family and
friends and just relax and not feel the pressure for a while. When asked if Sweden is still home for him he says he
doesn’t really know anymore and that he doesn’t know where he’ll live after his
career because he loves his life in NY so much.

When at the table they talk about that Henrik will sing a song together with Lill-babs’
(the older woman at the table) daughter at Fredrik Sjöströms wedding. Then the
host says Henrik has been named sexiest hockey player, worlds best dressed and
things like that (Henrik while she’s saying that: “nononono” The other guy:
“incromprehensible” and everyone laughs) and asks how much work is behind those
nominations. He says not much, he’s in hockey gear 50% of the time and almost
50% of the time in a suit, which he explains as that he’s trying to keep it
simple and not have too much variation. He says he gets teased a lot by his
team mates about his clothes, for example they ask him if they can borrow his tie
to brush their teeth.

He says he
hopes he can play for ten more years. When asked if there’s any children on the
way yet he says not yet. They ask him if he can do the split and he says that
if he’s warmed up really well on the ice it’s possible but not during training.
They also ask him if he can do the butterfly in his suit and no he can’t. They also
played a question game and Henkes question was when was the last time he swore
at someone. He said he swore at some taxi driver some time.

It’s pretty funny cause the older guy keeps ‘flirting’ with Henrik. When Henrik says
‘f*cking idiot’ the guy says ‘oh I love it when you swear’.

Another question
is if he’s an A-, B- or C- celebrity. He says B but the others think he’s A. If
he has stolen anything from hotel rooms: yes he stole a pair of slippers
thinking they would be nice to have on his roof terrace.

In addition, thank you to Carin for her translation:

"He say he can't really tell whats home anymore..N.Y or Sweden ..he spend 8 weeks in Sweden every summer , most on the west coast like Gothenburg. He love N.Y so much and he's really proud of he's new (old) restaurant Tiny's..he likes to eat hamburgers 3 times a week. He say his salary is big but he know he can't be a goalkeeper forever so he has to save money for the future..but he try to enjoy right now also. (some of it)"

I'm happy to hear that Henrik plans on playing for another 10 years and that he loves NY so much he considers it home now.
Anyone else surprised he eats hamburgers 2-3 times a week?

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