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Monday, July 25, 2011

Inside Henrik Lundqvist's Closet


We all have a relationship to clothing and some of our garments are more important than others. SvD's Sofia Hedstrom has signed hockey goalie Henrik Lundqvist, who will share some stories from his closet.

Henrik Lundqvist WARDROBE
Number of items: Too many I think.
Most common shape: White shirt.
Oldest items: Have an old and terribly ugly tie lying around. It's probably 13-14 years.
Last clothing purchased: A tie.

Well-dressed, polite and good-looking model. There are reasons to Henrik Lundqvist is called the "ambassador" on the job. When the other NHL players show up in sweat pants and baseball cap, wearing goalkeeper suit.
- I do not know if I'm interested in fashion, but when you hang out in a group where no one cares, it appears to be as hugely interested.

Henrik Lundqvist is receiving in his newly opened restaurant in the city part Tribeca, which he runs together with some guys from New York Rangers.Garderoben home, where his girlfriend Therese Andersson tried to institute the rule "one in one out", he will not show up, but He has brought with him several luxury clothing bags to our meeting. Teammate Sean Avery will also again and again to the table to teasingly reveal details about their goalie fashion habits.

- He wears almost always suit, even when he did not need it as he stands there in a European suit.

As a 19-year-old began Henrik Lundqvist wear a suit on a regular basis. That's when he turned pro and "becoming to representation" was written into the contract - but he had tried, and liked, the prop ra outfit much earlier than that. One of his first fashion memories are from a wedding, when he was seven years old and wore costumes for the first time.

- It was blue and it felt very dressed up and solemnly. It was a special feeling.

NHL's players are ordered to wear a suit when they are on their way to and from a match. During the season, it means costume at least five days a week and that they are väldressade many hours in planes and buses. New York Rangers do not provide their players with clothes. Brand, fit and shade is up to the players themselves. Several of the team choose something loose and comfortable clothing that follows the code somewhat, but the costume lover Henrik Lundqvist is always careful to wear a well-fitting ensemble of beautiful cloth, and placed him on many "best-dressed lists."

On training days when players get to dress how they want to be the difference even more clear, for Henrik Lundqvist is always well dressed.

- I like to make any comments about some of the others' fashion choices and they say, in turn, a few choice things about my outfit. It's quite fun actually.

Henry takes his job very seriously. He is proud to be a Ranger and would like to look presentable, but even when he played in Frolunda, he was careful with what he took on.
- In Sweden, it was not forced to have the suit on trips, but it's my favorite pieces and I like to see the representative out.

He orders a salad and picks up a couple Ferragamoskor in black velvet. When he started to wear them on their way to matches last year the team won and then became his turskor. He sees himself not as a particularly superstitious - but dare not give up a winning formula.

- Okay, I'm a little superstitious and have a lot of stuff for me before a match. There must be exactly the same equipment as the competition during practice. Sometimes I think convenience and superstitions go together: When you wear a lot of it is shaped by one and it feels good and provides security.

It takes 30 minutes for Henry to get on his hockey equipment. The garments of the rink is all about function and for him, who spend several hours in the equipment, the clothes in the closet because an extra large value.

- The private clothes is a way to express their personality and not just be a hockey goalie.

Henry is careful to point out that he is not a "trend brownie," but says he has a large closet and that it is difficult for him to get rid of clothes. As the NHL's highest-paid goalie, he has also an unlimited clothing budget. That "one in one out" rule as his girlfriend suggested, it does not work.

- I have some clothes in the closet that I can not get rid of. They have value because they make me remember what it was when I wore them.

He mentions a "svindyr leather jacket", which he bought when he was 17 and a garish red jacket. It does not fit his current strict style, but get him to remember an experimental period. According to Henry, it is a relief to have found his style, but as there was less variation in style, the details become more important. And the finest thing that could adorn his many costumes are a gift from his girlfriend.

- When I proposed to Therese was there any diamonds over because we had to take the ring. She put them into a tie-pin and surprised me.

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