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Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Video Interview


Henrik recently participated in a celebrity tennis match in Bastad, Sweden. Can any Swedish readers translate this interview for the rest of us? I would love to know what Henrik has been up to in Sweden. Thank you in advance.


  1. He starts by talking about the tennis game he played. Henrik teamed up with Swedish hockey player Mathias Tjärnqvist (plays in the Swedish Elite League) and his brother Joel. He says that it felt good on the warm up, but when the game started with 7000 in the audicence, he got "rubber arm" along with his team mates. He feels that they didn't get the audience going with splendid plays and jokes about not having an invitation next year.

    The interviewer ask why professional athletes often also are good in other sports, and Henrik answers that when growing up they often practice other sports. He says that he practiced skiing since he grew up in Åre (famous winter resort) but it had allways been hockey for him.

    He says that he's going back to NYC in the middle or end of August and that training camp starts in the middle of September. He enjoys being home in Sweden and meet family and friends and just take it easy and relax, even tought it was nothing like that Båstad (where the tennis tournament was held).

  2. Thank you for the translation, Maxie! It's always good to hear from Henrik in the off- season.