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Friday, July 2, 2010

"King Henry" in Gothenburg

Henrik Lundqvist is in Gothenburg. GP met him when he was training young goalkeepers at goalie school in Öckerö.

- It's rewarding to see these young goalkeepers. They are very aware though they are only 8-9 years. I think it depends a lot on the media. They can check the internet and they can see much hockey on TV Of course I did not know what I did when I was 14, "said Henrik Lundqvist, and laughs.
Goalkeeper star is back home in Gothenburg one week previously and will be involved in the goalie school one day a week during the five weeks it is ongoing.
45 goalies, born between 1993 and 2000, trying to develop his game at goalkeeper Öckerö this week. Henrik Lundqvist to glide around the ice and gives tips and advice are of course valuable for both individuals and attractions.
- It is clear that Henke is important. All have seen how it has gone for him, "said Michael Lehner, head of goalkeeper School Gold in the Net and Henkes former goalkeeper coach.
It is the second year that Michael and Lehner Henrik Lundqvist runs his goalie school in Öckerö.

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