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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Henrik's Project Lambo


"Henrik Lundqvist, goaltender for the New York Rangers, gave us the green light to start working on the Lambo. This car will be completely modified from the inside out. We will be doing a custom interior as well as a matte black exterior finish. We will be building a set of custom ProForged wheels for this car. This will be a very exciting build and we will be posting progress pictures all the way until the end, so stay tuned."

"Project Lambo is officially under way... We started taking the car apart, the interior has been gutted and the car is ready for the paint booth. It will go in today and get re-sprayed matte black. We already finished the wheels in black as you can see in the photos. The car is nearing completion so stay tuned for updates photos over the next couple of weeks!"

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