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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The origin behind the Henrik Lundqvist-Aaron Voros victory handshake


By now you've probably seen the Henrik Lundqvist-Aaron Voros victory handshake. (I posted a video of it: But what you may not know is the origin behind it. Months ago, before the Rangers got into a losing streak which lasted well into March, Aaron Voros was a very active member of Twitter. Fans would ask him questions and he would respond. One fan who had noticed the handshake after a recent Rangers victory, decided to ask Voros how they came up with it. He responded by saying that Henrik had attended a New York Knicks game in which he sat near Jay-Z and Diddy. Henrik saw Jay-Z and Diddy perform their handshake which inspired him to create his own. I was able to find a couple of pictures of Henrik at this game, which was the N.Y Knicks vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Look closely behind Diddy and Jay-Z and you will see Henrik, who was there with a bunch of his teammates.

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