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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Should Henrik Lundqvist be the Rangers Captain?

Hey, everyone. The following article was written by me for one of my classes and I decided to post it here as it is obviously about Henrik. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Oh, Captain, My Goalie?

Last night, goaltender Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers played a remarkable game vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins at Madison Square Garden. Although the Rangers ultimately lost the game in overtime, Lundqvist made a statement- and not just with his outstanding play.

He saved an impressive career- high 50 shots, but perhaps what was even more impressive was the leadership role he exhibited when he confronted opponent Sidney Crosby. Crosby is regarded as one of the best players in the entire league. Lundqvist felt that Crosby embellished a fall from a hit by the Rangers Marc Staal in an effort to draw a penalty. "Yeah, he went up with his arms and really played it to get the call so I told him to stand up," Lundqvist said. "I understand that the refs need to protect the star players, but I didn't think he should have used it then."

“I just thought it was a bad call, and I thought that he played it,” Lundqvist said, referring to Crosby, who scored the gold-medal-winning overtime goal for Canada against the United States on Sunday. “I told the ref he’s a great player and should be protected, but he shouldn’t use it either.”
It is a rare sight to see a goalie get involved in a play like that. Lundqvist showed who the true leader of this team really is. Sure, Chris Drury is captain of the Rangers, but Lundqvist is the one who actually deserves that honor. If fellow goaltender Roberto Luongo of the Vancouver Canucks can be the captain of his team- why can’t Lundqvist be the captain of his? In many ways, he already is.

Anyone who has followed the Rangers as the season has progressed can tell you that the team clearly lacks in the leadership department. Earlier this season, when the Rangers were going through a terrible losing streak the player who called a players only meeting before a game vs. the rival N.Y Islanders and then did most of the speaking during the meeting- was none other than Henrik Lundqvist. Not captain Chris Drury. The Rangers losing streak ended that night. Saved by Lundqvist, again.

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  1. Sigh...I wish he was the captain of me.