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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lundqvist Swedish Interview (2006)


Henrik and his dog, Nova

NHL goalie Henrik Lundqvist, 24, on hockey, and the relationship of being one of the world's most beautiful

He has been chosen as one of the world's most beautiful people.

But his girlfriend Therese Andersson was not impressed.
"She just laughed," says NHL pro Henrik Lundqvist when Sunday hits him in New York.

CLASSY PAIR. Henry and his girlfriend Therese Andersson has been together for five years. They met in Göteborg, but Therese is now living with Henry in New York.

Should we generalize Henrik Lundqvist has his old kindergarten teacher in Åre to thank for NHL career.
- We had some teachers who themselves played ice hockey and cold water in a sandbox for us. At recess, we rushed out and tried to skate. I was four or five years and will remember that I was terribly poor and very frustrated. For a while I refused even to go to it was so bad, "said Henrik Lundqvist.

Players in the New York Rangers may not have sex before the game. Truth or myth?
-There are no rules for that. It is a myth. The only rule we really have is the clothing rule. When we travel, we must always have the suit and the game is the suit with a tie in force. I think it's good. I was almost the only one who had it at home in Sweden. Many others had soft ice in the bus. I like to dress me up before matches so that one feels that there is something special.

As Therese said, your girlfriend, when you were elected to one of the world's 100 most beautiful people by People magazine?
"She just laughed. No cake, not even a happy birthday.
My brother then, he was sur? You see, after all the same and he also play for an NHL club.
- No, he just laughed, too.

Are you selfish off the field as well?
- I'm probably a little ego even as a person,!BlogId=40385$ArticleId=1503591

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