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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Henrik and Joel Lundqvist Swedish Interview ( 2009)


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Clothing style is so personal, but if I shall be deleted from my point of view, so yes, I dress better. But who am I?

Is it not embarrassing to be so praised as you are?
- I have a twin brother and a girlfriend who is cutting me to the ground. Everything has come in stages so I have learned to handle it. It did not happen overnight like.

You are called "King Henry". Have you ever been using your own nickname?
- Ha ha, I can joke about it at the dinner table, especially with my brother. But I would never use it outside.

How childish can a bunch of hockey millionaires actually be in the dressing room? Towel soon? Kiss of the shampoo bottle?
- Perhaps not the last one (smiles). But of course it will be very joke. Grabber and childish!

Where are the clothing interest?
- I always liked clothes, but it has emerged more and more. I'm the only one wearing a suit, whether we travel by bus or plane.

Is it important to go neatly dressed?
- The important thing is that you feel good! I feel good when I have nice clothes for myself and feel more comfortable that way. Some just need t-shirt, cap and flip flops to thrive and where will they run on it.

Mats Sundin has said that you dress more elegant. What do your teammates?
- One time I went to the collection directly from a TV studio and then it was not hatched from that they called for a goalkeeper and no bassist.

Which hockey players would you like to give a make over and why?
- A teammate of New York, Jason Strudwick. He looks pretty good, but he dresses for the damned with shirts from the 80 - and 90's.

Have you and Joel a "twin connection"?
- We are incredibly tight, but I do not know if he is doing badly right.

Who got the chicks when you were younger?
- For us it was actually only sport that was then. But he's not here right now and can defend themselves so I have to say that it was me!

Facts about Henke

Name: Henrik Lundqvist
Age: 27
Occupation: Goalie ice hockey team New York Rangers in the NHL.
Lives: New York
Current: Brothers Campaign with twin brother Joel
Family: Girlfriend Therese Andersson