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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

See Henrik Lundqvist Ride a Flying Elephant


Hockey King Henke Lundqvist is at home in Sweden to spend the summer on the west coast.

On Sunday he visited Liseberg along with his kids, and twin brother Joel Lundqvist.

- We have had a nice day and riding the rides with the kids.

Hockey Brothers went a lot rides during his visit to the amusement park. But despite Henke Lundqvist has not been at Liseberg in many years and thus missed roller coasters like the Helix and the gun went, he just rode kids rides, including the Flying Elephants.

- It was mostly kids rides and no Helix this time, says Henke Lundqvist and laughs.

He says he will spend the whole summer in Gothenburg and other parts of the west coast.

- We will be both at sea and in town.

- I take the opportunity to meet with the family as much as possible.

In early summer, he visited Hakan Hellstrom's two concerts at Ullevi. Twin brothers Lundqvist is big Hakan fans and the first gig he saw along with Joel.

- I listen to Håkan Hellström when I miss Sweden and feel lonely in New York, he said to the GP after the concert.

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