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Friday, June 3, 2016

Henrik Lundqvist is the 2016 Victoria Scholarship Winner; Thinks Pittsburgh Will Win the Cup


From one island to another. Manhattan to Oland.

- Very honored to have such a great price. It's a nice club I'm in now, says Henrik Lundqvist after he received news that he is this year's Victoria Scholarship holders.

He went out early with the New York Rangers of the NHL playoffs - but instead of Stanley cupbucklan in Madison Square Garden, he may now lift the Victoria Scholarship at Borgholm IP on 14 July.

- I heard that I was nominated a while ago and was very happy and proud when I got the news that I had won, saying "Henke".

He joins as fifth hockey players, in a group that includes athletes JO Waldner, Gunde Svan and last year's winner Sarah Sjostrom.

- I looked through the list and it really is a nice club I'm in now.

You are first goalkeeper of the team, at the time that Victoria jury prioritize defense or?

- Haha, that's true, but this is a special prize where those who won are worthy winners.

How is it to get individual prices that team sports?

- Goalkeeper's in some ways an individual sport in a team sport. I work hard for yourself but also get a lot of help. There are many pieces to fall into place in order to get these kinds of prices and it's a lot I have to thank for my success.

I read somewhere that you have never been on Öland before?

- Nah, it's true, I grew up with to holiday on the west coast and has continued with it, so it's about time I look around a bit.

Manhattan or Öland island island, it is not likely to be so big difference, huh?

- Haha, no, that's pretty much the same thing. I look forward to the first visit on Öland, see how it is, I will probably take the family with me.

Henrik Lundqvist will focus next on the World Cup in mid-September, and with half an eye he checks into the Stanley Cup Final between Pittsburgh and San Jose is 2-0 in matches.

- Immediately afterwards, you are so disappointed that you do not want to see as much hockey. But my advice is that Pittsburgh will win, we got the know how good they are when they beat us out in the first round.


His name is King on the other side of the Atlantic.

Now, he is one of Sweden's finest sporting prize - Victoria Scholarship.

Expressen can tell you that the New York Rangers big star Henrik Lundqvist is the winner and will get personally accept the prize by Crown Princess Victoria.

- Do a great gratitude and pride, says Henke.Det is a closely guarded secret each year until well into June.

Victoria Scholarship has been awarded annually since 1979 and is given annually to a sporting man or woman of the year's best sports performance. Even teams that Swedish ski team ladies and gentlemen, is the price. Ingemar Stenmark was the first to be awarded the prize in 1979 and later it was Sarah Sjostrom.

Now it is clear who will come to the island of Öland in the summer of Crown Princess Victoria's birthday on July 14 and receive the prize:
Henrik Lundqvist.

New York Rangers great star and Sweden by the most successful hockey goalie is the one who gets the Victoria Prize.
- I was told the other day and it's an incredible crowd of sportsmen and women who are now connecting to. It is of course great fun to be part of the list.

What does it mean for you to get the prize?
- It's always special when you get some kind of award for sporting items or things you do on the side of issn.

Hemma in Gothenburg for vacation
Henke and his New York Rangers went early out from the Stanley Cup playoffs this year. They fell in the Stanley Cup finals quarter final against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Henrik Lundqvist had for the chance to play the World Cup in Russia, but refrained:
- It was tough the first two to three weeks. A big disappointment. We ran into a really good team and the last matches were tough.
- I devoted the first time to the analysis, relax and try to move on.

Henrik Lundqvist is now at home in Gothenburg and will have the vacation. In July, he travels with his family to Oland - the first visit to the island.
- Yes, I've never been there before so it will be fun. Has watched TV clips from birthday celebrations and it seems to be a real festival that will be fun to be a part of.

Henrik Lundqvist will go on, Håkan Hellström
Henke What to do until Oland? Holidays in Sweden and now closest to the weekend a concert in Gothenburg.
- Well, I'll go on, Håkan Hellström, laughing Henke.
Henrik has met all the members of the royal family on several occasions before. When Princess Madeleine lived a period in New York with former fiancé Jonas Bergstrom, they were often on the New York Rangers home games.
- Yes, it will be fun to get to meet members of the family and get this award, as I say, an extreme honor. Fun to experience this.

Henry, at last. There is already a king on Öland summer. When you arrive you will be two kings. How will it go?

Big laughs from the New York Rangers big star. Since Henke says:
- Leave it to the real king. I'll just sit quietly beside.

Henrik Lundqvist is this year's Victoria Scholarship holder.

Jury statement: Henrik Lundqvist is Sweden's top hockey goalie of all time. He has for several years been one of the New York Rangers biggest stars. Henrik Lundqvist is the winningest goalie in the history of the Society and the goalie who has played the most matches of Rangers. No less than five times, he has been nominated for the NHL's best goalie. His success in the Three Crowns has resulted in an Olympic gold medal, three Olympic and World Championship silver. In addition, he has been a part of both the Olympic Games, World Championships and the NHL's All Star Team.
Henrik Lundqvist, the King, as he is known by fans in New York, will receive the Victoria Scholarship from H.K.H Crown Princess Victoria on the Victoria Day in Borgholm on 14 July.
- It feels like clockwork with Henrik Lundqvist. A great athlete who deserves this. We have had our eye on him for the scholarship, says Kay Wiestål, organizer of the Victoria Day.

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