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Saturday, February 27, 2016

New Henrik Lundqvist Watch Anish Interview



Earlier this week we got a great chance to sit down and talk with TAG Heuer’s new ambassador. It’s not your regular celebrity, he doesn’t come from show biz, nor is he a golfer. Henrik Lundqvist, one of hockey’s most recognized players today is the goaltender for New York Rangers, and is known as ‘King of New York’. We sat down with Henrik to talk about his new partnership, love for fashion, and food…

WA: As a man who plays professional sports yet still manages to be a trendsetter in fashion, (and before we get to watches), what’s your take on clothing brands?

HL: When it comes to style I prefer wearing suits. Something elegant, tailored but a little bit edgy. If we’re talking brands, Ralf Lauren ‘Purple Label’ is definitely out there and now there’s also Stephen F. Swedish guy, great suits, really loving it lately.

WA: How about cars? Any certain preferences or models?

HL: I’ve used to be more about speed and sport before, but maybe it’s me growing up a bit now. I do primarily look for comfort in a car. While it was Lamborghini before now it’s Bentley that does the job. Haven’t seen their new SUV yet, but it’s obviously a good idea with my two daughters.

WA: Let’s talk watches… As someone with a good sense of style and love for luxury cars, have you always been a fan of timepieces too?

HL: Coming here (New York) almost 11 years ago i wasn’t a watch guy, really. But it’s been growing on me since then. And as I get older it interests me more. So I’m not really a watch collector just yet, but it’s getting there. The relationship with TAG Heuer is something special though. It feels great to be part of the family, and I feel like all the ambassadors working with them make a great team. I genuinely think it’s a cool brand.

WA: It’s great you’re part of the team now! How’s it like working with TAG, and being based in New York when it comes to style and watches?

HL: Perfect spot to be in NY, I get inspired by so many styles and people here. When it comes to TAG we can do different fun things here, not just focus on showing off the product. They have great ideas for me and always keep me entertained and interested. Even the slogan works perfectly – ‘Don’t crack under pressure’ – it’s what I do. In hockey, and when it comes to my city life there’s lots of pressure. It’s all about handling it the right way. I try, and you can always do better, it’s about meeting and exceeding expectations from yourself.

WA: Now, before we finish off – how’s the bar doing? We’ve been there (Tiny’s) before and loved the place. Does it take lot’s of time?

HL: Doing great, glad you liked it there! We’re trying to make it a neighbourhood restaurant. Ultimate goal here is not to make money.. The place is too small for that, but rather have a place to invite friends, relax and enjoy. Atmosphere is most important, and whether it’s professional sports or restaurant management you can’t crack under pressure.

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