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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Henrik Lundqvist Moved to Tribeca; Joel Lundqvist was Almost a Ranger, and More..


Text: Johan Rylander
Photo: Joel Marklund

Henrik Lundqvist is the country's greatest hockey player, we know. But how is life in the US? We take the flight to Manhattan - and talking family, future, celebrity and charity.
Large signs with the street closed meets us in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. Just the day before a construction crane collapsed on a hundred meters down right in the street, killing one person and destroyed a number of cars.
Police officers, firefighters, concrete trucks ... it's organized chaos that takes care of the devastation just outside Tiny's restaurant at the bottom of Manhattan.

Henrik Lundqvist shook his head.
It is the third crane collapses in a short time. A few have fallen on the houses too ...

We sit in the sun, outdoors on a couch. It's almost like spring, even though it's only February. Lundqvist picks on his sunglasses and the nearest star's rays warm.
- It was Groundhog Day here a while ago. You know, when a marmot comes out of its nest. He came just now ... and can not see his shadow, this sounds insane, it is early spring. And he did not. All cheered here, smiling country's biggest hockey star.

For it does not matter who you ask - Henrik Lundqvist is truly the king of New York. At least for everyone who ever heard of hockey.
In the arena Madison Square Garden, there is a souvenir shop with hockey jerseys - and the guy at the counter look a little askance at me when prompted.
"Whoever sells the most shirts? Lundqvist, of course. "
It's kind of a stupid question in the world's most famous arena.

The former goalkeeper in Frölunda is now in its eleventh season of the New York Rangers - and has built a status that few hockey players can match. - He is friends with John McEnroe, playing tennis with actor Edward Norton - off and even world number one Novak Djokovic in exhibition matches.
Haha, I would not have a chance really! Djokovic please let me and McEnroe win. Novak serviced with screw once and it was quite sick as the ball took off! I did not have a chance to take it, says Henrik.

He takes a sip of his chai latte, you know tevarianten a latte.
The diner has chosen Lundqvist himself - and that is both trendy and alluring.
- We just moved here, so I'm starting to learn which places are good and not.
Previously, the family lived on the Upper West of Manhattan, but as the kids have arrived so the family Lundqvist thought about.
- There are schools and kindergartens, and many of the guys on the team live down here. And then, the spaces differently down here. More loft, more open space than the Upper West Side. We fell for Tribeca.

For three and a half years ago Charlise came into the family Lundqvist's life - and nothing is to be understood like. Henrik, who never really liked other people's children has suddenly re-evaluated - and ten months ago was the little sister to the family in Juli.
- It has always been a special relationship with other people's children. But then my brother had children and then got my sister child, so I had to somehow an entirely different view of children. And their own children is a completely different story ...
Henrik smiles.
- How they grow, how I feel for them ... things that I appreciate.
Lilla Juli have traveled on them.
- Yes, she is walking with a trolley. It goes fast there too.
Do you feel that you miss a lot when you travel so often? You do not hear children's first words or seeing the first steps?
It's very rewarding with technology! FaceTime. Family, friends. It is much easier now. It would have been tough if it had been ten years ago. Now I miss nothing. I am all the time, talking with the family and see them anytime! I think that's brilliant, I can see them, and not just talk.
So both kids have an iPad to talk to you?
- Not the youngest, haha. Not yet. Charlise run, however, Youtube, with a lot of clips of people doing figures of Play-Doh, of those clay. That she loves says Henrik.

On this day, the New York Rangers completely free.
- We have been there four days a month, it must be so union, he says.
On the morning interview with Göteborgs-Posten, in the evening Super Bowl 50 with half the team home in the new apartment.
- We could be at the home of Ryan McDonagh, but he got a bang on the head in the match yesterday and do not feel good at all. We had to hold it in place, says Henrik.

We go at Henrik Lundqvist's restaurant, where the street was blocked by then a construction crane collapsed on a hundred meters down the hill and killed a man and caused great destruction. 

But it's not just hockey players who belong to the circle of acquaintances.
- It took a while to build up the social side, but now it's there. It feels good to have a life outside of hockey, too. It does not work with hockey 24 hours a day.
The day before the Rangers win on penalties, Lundqvist saves two - and the game begins again to flow. There was a slump in December, when most things went wrong.
Well, Henke was even replaced in a few games.

We started fantastically well, then it went very sluggish in late November and December. We had a tough schedule, played many games in a short time, traveled a lot, it tore at us - and we lost our game! We have certain expectations and perhaps putting high expectations for our group. There are many good teams battling for that - but now we are of course too! We're still second in our division, so it's not a disaster. After the Christmas and New Year, we have begun to bring order to it. You win, we at least more than we lose, Henrik laughs.

Dream is of course still get take with Lord Stanley's trophy home to Landvetter, as the winner of the most prestigious hockey tournament.
- Washington has been in a class of its own so far, but since it's wide open! Ovechkin has done a couple of goals on me. Unfortunately. But the whole Capitals is good.
He poses rigging against a red steel wall in Tribeca when a police officer arrives from the barricades at the fallen construction crane.
- I recognize you.
- Mmm, says Henrik.
- Actor? Television, suggests police from New York's proud police force.
- Hockey, responding Lundqvist.
- From a team in New York?
- Yep. Rangers.
Since it is free.

- You can go as you please. Forget what I said about the blockade. Can I get to take a picture to my sister? She loves hockey and Rangers, the policeman says smilar up with a big thumb up. Henrik Lundqvist meets Göteborgs-Posten in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan in New York. That's where he and his family with his wife Therese and his daughters Charlise and Juli have moved.
The star goalie has been in the city that never sleeps a strong brand. Is not shampoo or underpants Bread & Boxers, it is charity in its own organization Henrik Lundqvist Foundation.
You know, the one who donated around 700,000 to the construction of new rooms at the Ronald McDonald House in Gothenburg, not so long ago.
- Certainly, we want to help the children's hospital here in New York and we have a school project in the Dominican Republic - but it feels great to be able to help in Gothenburg.
He continues:
The first time I went to a hospital charity was actually to Ronald McDonald House with Frölunda. So that was where I got the first impression. There was also strong impressions - so it has been with me. I think they do a fantastic job with the organization. At the family gets support. I meet many children who are sick, and I see that it's tough for the family too, for the parents. That children can be together with your family think I'm good! We need more places, because it's queue ...

The sun goes behind the clouds, latte begins to cool.
- It's the little things that I can exploit when I work with the charity. In that role, as I am right now, I can use my name, my position in town. I can get the right people involved in helping us in these projects. I realize that I'm in a period of life when to use that role that I have to do good things, more than play hockey. It feels good.

To Gothenburg is family Lundqvist heart is no secret. Every summer for the last 15 years have been spent on the West Coast - and for a couple of years ago the family bought a summer residence on the Onsala peninsula.
Mom and dad live in Bastad and Gothenburg, brother Joel with family on Hönö.

A few years ago it was even close to my brother got a contract with the Rangers, but it fizzled out.
You can talk him into the team?
- There was some talk about it, actually. I guess I'll do it! It would have been fun to play together again. A final time.
And given the little brother's success in SHL so is the imagination anyway closer than ever. 18 goals to date, the most in the league. 37 points - as many as during the season that gave a contract with the Dallas Stars 13 years ago.
Henrik Lundqvist is 39 years old when the contract with the New York Rangers expires. This season, he earns $ 11 million - and with a dollar which is high, it will be almost 94 million crowns.
Or 256 000 ... per day.

Have you thought about what to do after his career - even if you might not need to do anything?
- Hmm. I've actually done a couple of times. Sometimes tanks. Sometimes we discuss. But I have nothing that I say "this I want to do." I have certain areas that interest me, but it's also about where we want to stay. If we move home, or if we still live in New York. It will control a bit too. If Joel says he'll play until he is 40 years old and I'll also play until I'm 40, says Henrik decided.

Dandruff Shampoo advertising is completed - the circle was closed in that Ica advertising and Head & Shoulders was a just before Christmas.
So now you can actually tell - what shampoo do you use actually?
Haha. I have used Head & Shoulders ... well. But I used to be clean. We have it in the locker room. Then there are styling products also laughs Henrik.

The following day is the time for the match again. One of 82 in the never-ending regular season. Rangers play at home at Madison Square Garden against the local rival New Jersey Devils.
Lundqvist is in goal, of course. He does it in most games.
- I've found a better balance to keep anymore. It's still me pushing me as much, but the mental part is unchanged. I'm a bit more relaxed. It means I do not get tired as quickly. Are you on your toes all the time so it will be a really long season ...
In the press box is a journalist who noisily eats constantly. He picks and slurp with candy, popcorn, chips and soda. The match through. That may be his dinner, but it feels anyway very American.

Down in the locker room gathered reporters a moment later around Henrik Lundqvist. No one says a word until all guards have been picked by the keeper and stand there in underwear with shorts and track jacket on top.
Winner skull has sat in respectful for almost eleven seasons.
First is the interviews for television - and Lundqvist respond cool all questions.
- So here it is always. Now I have you left - and when you're done, I go from here. Sometimes we gym after the games. A little light, to keep the body in motion, he says.
He offers a brilliant game, it gets win in the derby against New Jersey Devils - but not the third shutout of the season.
- The zeros will not be so easy for me this season. I've only had two so far, says Lundqvist with a sigh, although he takes on the Devils reduction at the end of the game, he still whole stadium chanting "Heeeen-rik" a couple of times. Afterwards he was also got the Broadway hat, the hat as the team's best player is rewarded with - and photographed by the club's employees for social media.

The victory is also number 365 for Lundqvist goalie in the NHL. With it, he ties Martin Brodeurs record as most victorious goalkeeper for eleven seasons.
I will not get to bed before one. I find it very difficult to sleep after the match. I sleep lousy after the games, but there it is. I've learned to live with it.
Though it must be a little more comfortable for a good match?
- So, it is understood, I relax. But it is still the head goes. I think of what can be better.
The trip in New York, the Henkes home, go toward the end.
- You took with you a win here! Then you come back. How it works, he smiles.

A few days later rescues Henrik all shots against the Pittsburgh Penguins. It's the Rangers fourth straight victory. O, those who will not so easy anymore, is the third of the season - and Martin Brodeurs record is erased.
And yet, the season is far from over ...

Age: 34 in March.

Family: Wife Therese, children Charlise and Juli.

Lives: In an apartment in Tribeca in Manhattan. Moved recently from Hell's Kitchen.

Team: New York Rangers for the eleventh season! Has five years left on his latest contract. Earning $ 11 million during the current season.

See on television: "I like to buy the series, so I can look at a stretch. It will be much on travel. Just checked clear Narcos, if drug lord Pablo Escobar. It was really good! "

Interest in football: "I watch more and more on football, actually. The first few years I had a hard time getting into it, but now I think about it. There is a charm in itself with every Sunday. And often we have Sundays off for some reason, so when I'm at home, take it easy and watch football. Giants have won twice since I came here. They are not super, but for the two years were in everything! Then there was a party in town. "

Current: Soon in the finals with the New York Rangers - and that Tre Kronor unchallenged number one in goal during the World Cup in Toronto later this year.

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