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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Listen to Henrik Lundqvist's Podcast: "With Henrik Lundqvist in the Locker Room"


Click on the links below to listen to Henrik, and Alex Shulman and Sigge Eklund's podcast. There's just one catch, though- it's in Swedish. If anyone out there would like to translate the podcasts for the blog it would be very much appreciated and I would give you full credit.

1. Omklädningsrummet - det andra hemmet

2. Karriär i USA

He is known as a "slow starter" - but this year, Henrik Lundqvist, 33, started the season radiant.
In the upcoming episode of "With Henrik Lundqvist in the locker room," which is released on Friday, tells the New York Rangers goaltender about how he tends to doubt himself before each new season.
- The idea strikes me almost every year: "How do I do ?!" said Lundqvist in the pod.

Henrik Lundqvist is one of the world's best ice hockey goalies and New York Rangers large poster name.
But the Swedish keeper is rarely the best in the beginning of the season.
Maybe it sits in the head.
In the third and final installment of the podcast "With Henrik Lundqvist in the locker room," which is released on Friday but the GT is now exclusively have had access, says Lundqvist namely about how self-confidence gets a real blow before each new season.
- In the fall, when I've had two months off and goes into August and will train, so I'm really bad. The idea strikes me almost every year: "How do I do ?! Now I have to get back!"
- I will not be surprised anymore because it's so far away, yet it is so that I can question my qualities as a goalkeeper, I do absolutely, recognizing Lundqvist.
Unlike past seasons, the 33-year-old Swede this year got a dream start. This weekend, he was named man of the match, and accounted for an unprecedented rescue when Rangers beat Columbus.

Punk rock in the playlist

In the pod, which is led by media profiles Alex Schulman and Sigge Eklund, reveals Henrik Lundqvist furthermore how music helps him to load up for the games.
- I have a playlist that I have listened to the awful long time, certainly in 12-13 years, and I have not updated. I can not name all the songs, but it is Blink 182 and Sum 41. Punk rock! It is fast paced, a little aggressively. Above all, one hour before the match, when I sit in the dressing room and fix the equipment, I listen to it to get in the mood.
- When to go off, and the press and the stress you put on yourself, you want to have a positive feeling, "believe in yourself" feel. It is very easy to find when it goes well, but when it goes against it tougher. Then the music can help, says Lundqvist.

Winter 2013 wrote Lundqvist on a new monster contract with the New York Rangers.
The new agreement extends to 2021 and is worth approximately SEK 385 million (55 million in annual salary).
- It is clear that there is a little sick with the money involved in the sport. I can treat myself and people around me things that I had not been able to do otherwise. It is a luxury not having to stress over it. It's more that you should take the right decisions with them (money) - not so much whether they will be sufficient or not, says Lundqvist who is not ashamed of his salary.
- No, but I realize that I've been on a roll that has come where I have ended. I'm thankful. I have been given this chance - but then it's about to take it too.
The last part of "With Henrik Lundqvist in the locker room" is released on Friday

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