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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist Talks Charlise, the Olympics and More in Swedish Interview From Beginning of Season


31 -year-old Henke Lundqvist is nowadays the team's obvious star and Radiosporten hits him when his New York Rangers training a Sunday in Los Angeles, just before their second match of the season.
Lundqvist praises new Jesper Fixed that now makes them four Swedes at NY Rangers (although injured Carl Hagelin is not on the trip) . He likes to have the Swedes around him. He also became a father to daughter Charlise and having children has partly changed Henkes views on hockey and more.
- Of course you get more perspective on things . It is clear that hockey still is incredibly important and winning is incredibly important. But in some situations you do not have time to think about hockey and it can be good, says Lundqvist and adds:
- Like when you get home and dwell on a bad game and then you have to focus on something else and want to focus on something else. Then one's own children naturligvtis quite natural to focus on .
Henry does not usually seem like a sore loser who blames others , but as a man who really seem to suffer from losing .
Is that so?
- Yes , that's true enough. I'm pretty self-critical and the losses so it takes it quite personally , especially as a goalkeeper , it is quite easy to see , I had conceded less goals we had won after all .
- As you walk to himself pretty much . Then we suppose to be quite healthy in their thoughts after match. What was it that was good ? What was it that was so good? It's still a team sport so you can not blame yourself too much. But anyway, I will be sorely disappointed when we lose .
After the game against the Los Angeles avoid Henke be bitter . Win with 3-1 and bunch of journalists gather around goalie.
Everyone talks about Quicks own goal to 3-1 and Henke lide with him, but is self- satisfied . He still seems almost emotionally exhausted after the game but claims he is happy after this victory and winning in general.
- Yes , it's 180 degrees equally unhappy man is losing , as lucky you are to win . It is in this way to build confidence. You could play well and do good things , but you lose so it is always a hassle, and it's hard to be positive.
He is very positive when talking about Charlise - his " Sweet child of mine " ( Lundqvist performed this song on guitar with Jimmy Fallon ) - so far only been to win matches.
- Live handles herself very well, says Lundqvist.
Charlise have maybe a tennis career ahead of her .
- She's got a tennis racket as she goes around and plays with and she thinks it 's fun .
Lundqvist also has a vague hope that she will be interested in music .
- It would be nice if she could sing. Though it would be a miracle , because neither I nor my wife can sing ... at all.
Lundqvist has a couple of other things to ponder on or maybe try not to dwell on right now. This season is interrupted by an OS.
How much are you thinking of that?
- OS will fester in the back of the head . It will have some thoughts now and then about how it will be and how it will look and expectations for himself and the team and all that. But then you are very much focused on the here and now and it's the only thing you can do.
- To get to the Olympics with great confidence so you must focus on Rangers and your own game.
The other big issue is the future of Henke who want to play for long. Up to eight years.
Lundqvist is in his last year of his current contract with the Rangers and he can not talk more about the possible future contract ( which is not yet clear).
- No. I've said ... we 've had a couple of months here in the summer that we 've been working on it . So now I want to put that aside and focus on the game here and then we'll see when something happens .

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