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Friday, November 8, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist Says This Year Has Been the "Hardest I've Been Through"; Thinks Vigneault is a Good Coach


Lundqvist: " Hardest I 've been through "

Henrik Lundqvist is in 34th place in the league goalie in the NHL and New York Rangers are a bottenlag .
So I had to take to New York to find out what it's all about.
Got to see Lundqvist both shutouts and scold teammates .
And the answer is - no!
We need not be concerned about the Olympics .

Rangers started the season with nine straight away games and with several key players injured . When Anaheim ran over Rangers 6-0 I found a reader comment on the New York Post website, where a Rangers supporter wrote:
"With Tortorella as coach blockade Rangers shoots the puck so not reached Suck Qvist . Now we get to see the real Lundqvist ."
He hailed as King Henry was called suddenly " Suck Qvist ." By its own supporters .
Rangers are 22th overall in the league and Lundqvist in 34th place in the keeper league in terms of save percentage .
But just calm .
fans' love
I saw the Rangers beat Buffalo and Carolina before a crowd in Madison Square Garden which was again acclaimed King.
Even after a nil against Carolina , he received the fans' love.
- Heen - RIIK , Heen - RIIK , shouted hard New Yorkers , so you almost got a little emotional.
We got to see " the real Lundqvist" - and even the worst whining nail must have been satisfied.
- This is the toughest start I have experienced - both for me personally and for the team - then I got to the NHL. Normally, it can be the keeper who saves a team that has a tough time , but now both the goalkeeper and the team looked for the form simultaneously. I have not been bad , but I have not been good enough for us to win more games , Henrik said to me afterwards.
The fans at Madison Square Garden can become enraged at his own team and Henrik Lundqvist , who is in his ninth season at the club , heard when it started rumbling in the stands.
- Have you been booed in the Garden?
- Well, not the entire hall. A little scream , it has been well , I have heard a few times and it's not as fun. But while this is the way our fans are . This is New York, it's either or . Our fans are passionate . That's why I love to play the part . It's the allure of New York. And when you have the fans behind them , it's fantastic .
" Tortorella - angry"
Rangers has famously changed coach from the savage John Tortorella to the more quite still Alain Vigneault .
- Vigneault is a good coach. He has shown great patience and know that this is a process. The new game system has not made ​​it different for me and my game. There is more that we'll find the timing of the game, we 've all got to work hard to find the structure of the game. Compared with the beginning of the season , we are much better now. We begin to find your way in the game more and more.
Henrik Lundqvist himself can get angry too.
John Tortorella , angry , even .
It happened twice when I was in New York.
During the game against Buffalo was Michael Del Zotto as careless with the puck and got a hairdryer by Lundqvist on the ice.
- What did you say to him , I asked after the game.
- Haha . Then we had started to play harder and I reminded him that we have to play easier.
- You were angry?
- No, then.
- You were given , it appeared from top press box .
- Yeah, I guess I was not completely satisfied. It's much adrenaline out there and we should never bid on anything .
Yelled the ice
In the next game , it was JT Miller, who was reviled for ice.
- Well, then burned it , admitted Henke afterwards.
As good as Henrik Lundqvist has been for this New York Rangers for so long - and as good as he still is , so I understand that it boils over sometimes when he does not get better help.
Sometimes I wish that more people got to see Henry when he trains in a small training hall in the suburbs , far beyond the glamor and cool Manhattan. How careful he is, how he hates to admit pucks on training, how he after a Carl Hagelin target slowly turns towards the goal cage and then slams the big goal stick it in the net .
Right after that , he made several rescues of absolute world class.
- I'm working hard every day to get better. There are always details to work with, he told me after practice .
Located beneath the Enroth
- You know how it's going when you've met Jhonas Enroth in NHL ?
- Well, we have been well met a few times ...
- I've checked . He's 2-0 against you.
Henry did not look amused .
- Oh, hell .
- And Enroth was very good in the World Cup , I continued.
- He's good in the NHL as well, he has proved what class he is in this league . When he has been playing , he has shown that he is very good and stable. There is competition in the goalkeeper area in the Three Crowns , so shall it be also . I take nothing for granted. It's important to show what can be on the ice , said Henry .
Then he smiled .
And soon we will see " the real Lundqvist" in Tre Kronor again .
Just like we had to do in Turin.

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