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Monday, October 7, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist Doesn't Want to Speculate on His Contract Situation


LOS ANGELES . NHL season is only a few days old and Henrik Lundqvist looks calm and peaceful out where he stands on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles, despite the 1-4 loss in the series premiere gone against Phoenix.
Now waiting for a busy period for our biggest star goalie in North America.
In an exclusive interview with SPORT-Expressen says Henke on :
* The tough contract negotiations with the New York Rangers .
* Nightmare schedule with nine consecutive away games.
* Preparations for the Sochi Olympics.

We have a lot to work on, he said after opening loss in Phoenix, where the Rangers were not linked properly with the home side's pace.
- It takes a little patience with the new coach and new game systems.
Controversial John Tortorella is exchanged for the timid Alain Vigneault , it was time for a new voice in the booth ?
- That's what they thought , anyway . Such is this businessen , it is possible to " Torts " had stalled last six months.
You had no problem with him?
- No, it was a fun experience to play for him. Our relationship was very good. I learned a lot about myself during his time at the club , he was challenging the leader.
Was he good for the Rangers ?
- Yes, he came in at a time when much needed controlled up . He imposed a harsher climate and it need not be negative.
What is the difference with Vigneault now?
- There is a different atmosphere. More dialogue. He has a different style , simply . Gameplay-wise, we'll try to be more aggressive . And play us out of situations in their own zone , instead of hitting the rim .
You had hoped to have a new contract with Rangers ready before start of series , what happens there?
- We 've been talking all summer, but did not come up with any solution yet. Now I have told both the club and my agent that I want to focus completely on the NHL season and not get involved in negotiations.
Does that mean that you play out this year and nothing happens until next summer ?
- I have no idea and do not want to speculate. I have a current contract this season, that's all I want to say.
You have nine straight away games during the series launch , how do you fix it ?
- Plus, we traveled a lot during the preseason . It is as it is because of the renovation of Madison Square Garden , so it is not so much to think about but just to drive on.
When you begin to think of the Sochi Olympics in February ?
- It may fester in the back of my mind for a while. Then you have to ask about when you sit on the plane there, so you will be well prepared.
Who do you guard the Canadian bag - Luongo , Crawford, Smith , Price or Holtby ?
- No idea . They are great whole bundle. All countries come to the Olympics with good goalkeepers.
But the United States (Quick , Anderson, Howard, Miller, Schneider ) and Finland ( Rask, Backstrom , Rinne ) is well better goalies ?
- Remember that it's a short tournament , so there is always someone goalkeeper who is hot and big plays for his country. Canada will not have a goalkeeper crisis.
Will it be you and Jhonas Enroth who becomes Tre Kronor goalkeeper saves , you think?
- Viktor Fasth was very good last season, so do not forget him. That I lie not , I must personally perform to take a seat.
How do you keep your motivation up from year to year ?
- My biggest motivation is to compete against myself. To push myself to be better. Competition is tough in the NHL , it's not just snap your fingers and expect to play well.

... Recently concluded Fashion Week in New York?
- I did not go to any shows, but visited some events related to fashion week .

Autumn ... in Manhattan ?
- I like autumn in New York. The weather is nice and it happens a lot of stuff in town. I had time for a few turns to the U.S. Open in tennis when I came over from Sweden and it is always a treat .

... Swedish rookie striker Jesper Fasth , who took place in the team ?
- Jesper is a smart and talented player who always makes good trade-offs on the ice. He has been really good.

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