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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Brodeur Stole Glove Style From Lundqvist


Q: Describe your goaltending style.

A: It’s more of a hybrid style. I kind of steal stuff from everybody to a certain extent. I look at goalies, I’m a student of the game, I love the game. I’m going to look at [Henrik] Lundqvist play. I’m going to look at [Roberto] Luongo play. I look at Patrick Roy or Domenik Hasek or [John] Vanbiesbrouck or name it. And if I see something that I really like in what they do and I think it’s really effective, I’ll go out and I’ll try to put it in my game. ... I’m learning every day. This year, I probably changed more little things that probably nobody would notice.

Q: What have you picked up from Lundqvist?

A: A little bit about the way he puts his gloves up. When a guy comes on you in different angles, he’s holding his glove a certain way that I never understood really why, and I looked at him in shootouts, and nobody could ever beat him on that side for whatever reason. So I went in practice and I was holding the glove in similar fashion, not for breakaways, for a different reason, I was getting beat a lot in certain shots.

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  1. Blowdeur needed Hank to teach him how to make a glove save? It says a lot that a great goalie got help from Hanks moves. At least Blowdeur knows Lundqvist is the new Top goalie in the league. Hopefully others will finally open their eyes do they can see it too. Marty is passing the torch to Lundqvist! VEZINA HART STANLEY CUP AND BABY BOY LUNDQVIST! CONGRATS in advance Hank. YOU DESERVE ALL THESE THINGS. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO ON N OFF THE ICE...YOU REALLY ARE A KING!!