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Friday, February 24, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist is Going To Be a Dad! (Confirmed)

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It's not just at home in Sweden are born blue and yellow royal children.
The Swedish "king" in New York to become a father.
- Yes, we will have a baby in July. It will be very fun and exciting, both I and Therese is very charged for this, says Henrik Lundqvist for Sportbladet
Yes, the stork seems to be fond of Swedish hockey stars right now.
First came the news that Mats Sundin will be father and then to Peter Forsberg and his Nicole waits small.
Day in July
And now Sportbladet thus revealing that Henrik Lundqvist and his wife Therese also to have a baby this summer.
- Yes, it seems like people to have children right and left right now, says Henry with a laugh.
- We'll see if we can not get our act together and scrape together a tiny hockey team going forward.
King Henry and his Therese, who married in the Caribbean this summer, get to meet her prince, or princess, in July.
- It's rewarding and exciting, there will be a new chapter in life, says, "Henke".
- Both me and Therese is very charged for this.
In the summer of 2012 may be unforgettable in many ways for Lundqvist, who last night performed a rock show with John McEnroe in Manhattan and the following day to report that he, like a rock star has "a little pain in my ears."
As his Rangers played this season, they may of course be a challenge for the Stanley Cup title - and he himself is likely candidate for the individual trophies Vezina (to the NHL's best goalie) and Hart (to the NHL's most valuable player) at the Awards Awards in Las Vegas just before midsummer.
- Yes, I'm hoping for a real jackpot this summer. Why not, that would be really great, laughs Henry.

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