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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Throwback Swedish Henrik Lundqvist Article (2004)

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Published April 29, 2004 23:38 Updated July 5, 2010 2:02

It was not thought that he would be the big star of the family. But now, Henrik Lundqvist, the first goalie in the Three Crowns, female idol and the way to the NHL.
Henrik Lundqvist was born in Åre on 2 March 1982. But the family moved early to Bastad, the idea was that big sister Gabriella would have become the family's sporting idol.
- When we moved so she could devote more time to tennis, says Henry.
But it was instead "Henke" and twin brother Joel, who found the ice rink in Angelholm, a few mil off. From Rögle came then to Frölunda and took out the Three Crowns.
But that's just Henry who really established itself in the national team. Last year he was in itself most in the stands and ate hot dogs when Mikael Tell Qvist, Tommy Salo and Stefan Liv was all before him in the ranking.
- Sausage Eating was still useful. But seeing how bullish the World Cup may be the "Foppa" and "Sudden" was. And it starts going to be bullish now. For as Lundqvist saves rises VM temperature at home. In Denmark Henrik released only a goal in game three against five, and against Russia was the only NHL star Ilya Kovaltjuk who got the puck past the Swedish goalie, first in numerical superiority, and then in neutral after a quick counter-attack.
Now wait Finland on Friday.
- They have gone well and it feels good, says Henrik when TT hits him in the sunshine on the player hotel in Ostrava.
Without goalie mask shows a beautiful 22-year-old with quite a few days' stubble and a winning smile. "Henke" In other words, all the prerequisites to become a girls' idol.
Or as twin brother Joel said in a TT interview.
- He's like me, the pop.
- girlfriend says I have been a little different now that I have become a public person. But myself, I think I am, as usual, says "Henke".
In the ever-present cap remains for days "NY" for New York. The city, which soon may become Henkes new home.
- Rangers want to have over me, and it's flattering that they want me. We are in and negotiate, but nothing is clear.
The fact remains, however, many as there are many indications that there will be a lockout in the NHL this fall.
- We'll see what happens. I hope that everything will be ready as soon as possible so that I can communicate Frölunda what happens.
- But I think I'm ready to take the next step in your career.
Now he steps a little easier, then his shin guards become smaller. Lundqvist has always had great protection, but the World Cup, he has received less.
- I changed the shin just before the World Cup and have had to cut them down a bit.
- And if I go over to the NHL, I probably cut even more, certain rules must be changed there.
But the NHL will Lundqvist do anything but eat hot dogs during a world championship.

Henrik Lundqvist Born: March 2, 1982 in Are. Height: 185 cm. Weight: 87 kg. Picking Hand: left. First club: Järpen IF. Current club: Norrby. Call: New York Rangers, was in seventh round and 205: a total of drafter 2000th Internationals: 32 A, 66 J. Merits: World Championship silver in 2003, national championships 2003rd Current: Has made ​​a success as the first goalkeeper in the Three Crowns in the Championship in the Czech Republic. On Friday is the Tre Kronor against Finland.

Here are some more old photos I found:

Henrik & Fredrik Sjostrom

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