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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Throwback Henrik Lundqvist Article (2005)

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Text: Kent Jönsson
Published May 6, 2005 23:30 Updated May 9, 2005 14:19

Henrik Lundqvist is a superstar at home in Gothenburg. But the big world waiting for Tre Kronor goalkeeper. A phantom match against Canada tonight is a step in the right direction.
- If the NHL kicks off the objective is to take a seat on the New York Rangers, but I set that there may be minor team in Hartford.
Henrik Lundqvist, 23, sees nothing negative in it. The transition from a great rink to a small is a huge step to take for a goalkeeper. Very few Europeans have managed to do it directly.
The success of Frölunda in a league filled with NHL players have strengthened his self-esteem.
- Had I not met some of the world's best goalkeepers and field players, I had probably had too much respect, says Henrik Lundqvist honestly.

And when we regard him still as Sweden's by far the greatest goalkeeper. It gives him a humble appearance, he has a relaxed style in which he half lies in the easy chair, track suit, the New York Yankees baseball cap on his head and flip-flop sandals on his feet.

Henrik Lundqvist talks about different goalie styles. How neglected education has been in Sweden, that there are only a few years ago, an instructional video produced by the union in which it was preached that goalkeepers would stand up at all times. Henrik Lundqvist represent the modern butterfly style. The goalkeeper is often down, and then forming a sprawling pads V along the ice.
- When I was 14-15 I started to think about my style. That I could not just play on emotion. I began to study other goalies on TV and it was mostly Patrick Roy and Dominik Hasek, I checked out.

By North American standards is Henrik Lundqvist is not an overly big goalie with 185 cm.
- No, but later I was over in New York, they thought I had grown. I have probably put on a little muscle, says Henrik Lundqvist, who weighs 87 kg.

He also has a soft spot for Canada's goalie Martin Brodeur.
- It's a tall guy.

Sure, but only three inches taller than Lundqvist.
The wave, however, a very different response for Canadian: 96 kg. Often it's the little things that do. By studying the opponents. Henrik Lundqvist for no book of the opposition's best forwards.
- The best is so good at range, but no shooter on each team, I probably still on track.
NHL players are very skilled around the bag, leading to unearth the so-called loose pucks and get off a shot. These are mainly the North Americans who have mastered the art.
- They get the puck very quickly, sometimes it does not look even look like a shot. Daniel Alfredsson is a Swedish are good at it.

Henrik Lundqvist and his twin brother Joel is partly bred in the village. The staging point on the road to Gothenburg and Frölunda was Bastad and Rögle.
- The reason we moved into was that my sister Gabriella would be closer to tennis. My dad was a ski school in Åre, but neither I nor Joel was particularly good to go. So when Rögle received us protested, we do not.

Big sister was eventually a paid college education in the U.S. thanks to tennis and has married above. Soon may Henrik Lundqvist abandon his brother Joel and sister follow in the footsteps. Gabriella lives in Lake Tahoe, California, and Henry will be staying in New York City or Hartford. But it will differ a whole continent in any case.

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