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Monday, October 17, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist Talks Grooming


With perfect smile, tan and hair - how vain do you think yourself to be?
- Actually I do not care very much indeed. The only thing I'm trying to do is fix your hair in the morning.

Is it the truth?
- Yes! I know, for example, to cut me so I run only to the first best salon and ask to get a haircut that they recommend. Sometimes it feels a bit like Russian roulette when it comes to hair.

Has in turn led to a disaster?
- Yes, the strongest memory is when I had the classic "hockey-frillan". Nothing I am particularly pleased today, but it at least help a good laugh!

Now you're still young, but how much were you thinking about your appearance when you were younger?
- I have always said that you should give himself space to test their way. And that was when I was around 20 to 23 years that I took the whole hog.

You are at the elite level in one of the harder sports today who oozes testosterone and son. What does the rest of the team on Hunk-Henke?
- During training we see all almost identical out - just worn out, sweaty and tired. Then, the focus of so much more than appearance. But recently, many of the team become better at taking care of their appearance and think it's fun with grooming and dressing up.

Would you say that you still are the stylish on the team?
- I can actually admit that I like! (Laughs)

How much time do you spend on grooming?
- Not more than necessary. I'm pretty bad at using the products, but make sure to moisturize your face and sleep a lot instead.

You are now the face of "Head & Shoulders," have you dandruff?
- I have had problems with it, but no longer. It is largely thanks to that I wear a hat too often - which is not good for the hair.

You get a lot of attention for your looks - how good self-confidence do you yourself have?
- I never feel as good as just before a match! Then the self-confidence at its peak, and I have the feeling that nothing can stop me. On weekdays, I think that attention is stressful and I try to look as good as possible when I'm out on the town.

There are a lot of training in your profession, but how do you stay in shape outside the rink?
- Once I train outside of hockey, it becomes not so advanced. Then, I am willing to gym or tennis.

With all the training that is diet important - how well you handle it?
- It's something I must get better at. I travel a lot so it is in principle always take-aways that apply. Hamburgers, I eat a little too often, from great restaurants, but it's still burgers ...

Do you have any tips for our readers who want to brush up on their looks?
- As long as one is clean and fresh as it usually feels good. Regular sleep is something that has worked best for my part!

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