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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist on Swedish News Morning Show (Watch him get make-up applied...)



First he talked about playing Frölunda, like that he'd thought about it for a long time. It was a nostalgia trip, 20 years flashed by in like 20 seconds, it was very special in many ways, it was hard to focus. He thought about stuff he shouldn't be thinking of during a game. They joke about that during that first rebound goal, he was thinking about something else, but then the focus came back after that goal.
He says partly the reason they're in Europe is to sell the sport.
He likes to do other stuff when he is not playing hockey, to relax mentally. He has a tendency to ponder too much, to puddle things, especially about hockey.
He says he sometimes looks beyond the hockey for the future, like with networking, NY is great for broadening the network
He's an extreme time optimist, he's always stressed out, he likes to cave in as many things as possible into as little time as possible.
With his stardom he says he can't take everything too seriously, his family and teammates and friends put his feet on the ground.
Kristin said his and Joel's old trainer said Joel was the one who talked for them while Henrik was the quiet one, which Henrik can't remember. He says when they were younger they talked together and ended each other's sentences all the time. Now they're quite different. They always know were they have each other, they're the best friends who have known each other for 29 years ie. knowing each other really well. When they were small they always wanted to do the same thing, if one said he wanted to do something, the other one wanted it too. Joel says they were incredibly tight growing up, like being stuck together, which has continued. He says he's a great payer.
Mats Zuccarello says he's a really good guy, who's had him over for dinner and taken good care of him. Says it's great to have someone who understands the language, so that they can talk crap about the other players. Henrik says Zuccarello feels Swedish even though he's Norwegian. Having started his 7th year, he feels responsibility for the organization and for young players, he tries to help them settling in.
Even though he has lots of money and buys cars, he says he knows absolutely nothing about them. He talks about the car crash. Says it was aquaplaning. Says he mistook his costume in the passenger seat for the airbag. He looks over swearing over having crashed his car and that his suit is ruined, but realizes it's not, it's laying in front the seat. Jokes that it would've been tough to crash his Lamborghini AND ruin his favorite costume as well.
Says his only focus is to stop the puck, if they do power plays or score goals is unessential for him in how he plays.

Thank you to Johanna and Maxie for the link to this show, and to Johanna for translating it.

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