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Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Henrik & Joel Lundqvist Interview; Henrik to Marry in the Caribbean


Unlikely to see us playing for the same team '

Gothenburg. Sedin twins played Stanley Cup final this morning.
The twins Henrik and Joel Lundqvist will meet instead in Gothenburg.
- I would have given a lot to be in the Sedin clothes. To play for the Stanley Cup is my main goal, "says Henke.

We meet hockey twins Lundqvist in Frölundaborg. Both have been practicing. Joel with Frölunda, Henrik with some other NHL players who need to stay in shape during the summer break.
The brothers came to Frölundaborg from opposite directions, but traveling in the same direction from there. - I'll go and meet Joel's family, "says Henke. They've been one more to since we last met.
Wilma, three years, got a little brother, Victor, a week ago. Henke look forward to meeting both of them. - Wilma and I have Skyped a few times, we'll see if that's enough for her to remember Uncle Henke ...
- We explain when Henke is on TV, explains Joel.

Separate lives

Until Henrik moved to New York and the Rangers after Frölundas national championships in 2005 the brothers were close. Since then, they lived separate lives. Now they meet, basically only when Henrik comes home to Gothenburg in the summer.
- But since we did not go to the playoffs this year there was an opportunity to go over to New York for a week, "says Joel. It was great to hang out. Go out and eat dinner and hang out, just us two.
We are like two buddies who hung together for 20 years, knows what the other is thinking. We also have some contact even if we do not meet, "says Joel.
Are you talking on the phone every day?
- No, says Henke. Maybe once a week. We talked a lot more when Joel played in Dallas, now it's so big time difference. In addition, we work as closely with matches, and on game days I am not talking in the phone, then I focus only on hockey.
- But we text more often. To check out the situation or to ask something, "says Joel.
And how much do check up you on each other?
- I always follow Frölunda, "said Rangers goalie. Viewing "hightlights" online ...
- ... And there I am never included. So he has no further check on me, joking Joel. But I always check teletext in the morning to see if he'd been pulled ... I have good control of Henke. There is much to read in newspapers and online.

"My big goal"

Joel has been pre-season training at Frölunda Campus in Frölundaborg since April 8, while Henrik just drove a couple of workouts since he came home to Gothenburg last week. But goalkeeper appreciates Frölunda facility.
- They have it almost too comfortable , he jokes and get a laugh for a response from my brother. Seriously, there are conditions for optimum performance. It is the NHL level if you look at it as a whole.
- But if you look at the details differ some, like Joel, after three years in the Dallas organization. There are a lot more people who work in the NHL clubs, and they are in some ways quite different resources.

Vancouver's twins Daniel and Henrik Sedin have fought their way to top positions in the NHL and played the seventh and decisive Stanley Cup Finals this morning.
- Imagine being able to be there again, "said Henrik dreamily. It's my big goal in hockey career. But when I was younger it was just the ultimate goal, I saw, over the years, I have learned to appreciate the way there. The ultimate goal is so short while the journey is long.

You have won the Olympics and two national championships with Frölunda, you have a few more goals than the Stanley Cup gold left?
- Yes, I have never won the World Cup. And I would like to do. I turned down the World Championships last spring after talking with my employer, but the longer Sweden went, the more hungry I became.

"Move in separate directions:

Joel returned to Frölunda in 2009 after three years in North America and may not have the same goals as my brother.
- There are older players who go to NHLfor a second time. But it is perhaps not so realistic, I'm 29 now. I aimed primarily at winning with Frölunda again. I have two national championships and would like to have one more.
Is there any possibility to see you in the same team again?
- Actually, it is well-unlikely, "says Henrik. We have separate , careers but if there should be a way we talk about it then.
Can you imagine playing in Frölunda again?
- The door is wide open, it would be fun. But I do not know how likely it is. Because I'm not going to move back home if I am finished in the NHL. Do I think I'm done over there I'm probably finished as a player. Should I move back home is to perform, not to unwind.
- As for me, "says Joel. I did not get any good offers over there and did not feel ready to retire. I moved home to Frölunda to play and develop.
Joel goes on vacation next week, Henrik is a bit into his long leave. In late July they both start their hard training for next season, which ends approximately when they both are 30 years old.
Can you imagine playing in another ten years, as Niklas Anderson did?
- Sure. I love this, "says Joel. Can see myself playing for many more years of ...
Joel interrupt and knock hard on the wooden table.
- ... I can be injury-free. Too many injuries undoubtedly shorten his career.
- Just as it is, confirms Henrik. I can play for ten more years, depending on how your body feels. But so fresh that I have been this season, I have not been to eight or nine years. I tend to have knee or hip problems, but now I feel nothing.
While the new father of two Joel looks forward to a family vacation, Henke is on planning for this wedding.
The first week in August it's off to the Caribbean where 32 invited guests will be at Henriks and Theresa Andersson wedding.
The date is chosen according to Joel.
- We knew that Joel and Amanda would have another child and did not think it would be too tight, "said Henry.
- But I go alone, we think that Victor is too small to take him there. Therefore Amanda and the kids at home stay at home, "says Joel.
Henke proposed to Theresa in a very spectacular way. With invited guests, including Swedish friends to Therese, in a Manhattan restaurant that was drowned in the flowers.
- I added all-out on a board, "he says. I worked with it a month, was always afraid that someone would say too much. But everything worked out.
Are you as romantic, Joel?
- You'll have to ask my wife if ... But Henke wanted the American style. He has seen the movie what to do

Thanks to reader Ritva for the article and translation.

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