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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist on the Mix Megapol Morning Show


Thank you to reader Josey for letting me know that Henrik was a guest on the Mix Megapol morning show. I do not have the actual interview (and actually wouldn't be able to understand it if I did) but if anyone out there comes across it and can translate it for me I would really appreciate it. I would love to hear what he had to say. I wish he did more interviews like this in the U.S.

Here is all I could find:

"Otherwise, it was NHL pro Henrik Lundqvist, here. Henry plays the New York Rangers and has now lived in the U.S. for six years and he told me that it's starting to feel like home. We got oxå out he in summer are getting married and how the courtship happened. SWEEEET!"


"Henrik Lundqvist honored tomorrow gang with a visit this morning at Mix Megapol.
He said such about how he proposed to his girlfriend, Therese, and a bit about the upcoming wedding this summer. It's probably the first time you are more interested in seeing how the groom looks rather than the bride! Nada. The wedding will take place in the Caribbean the first week of August with 32 invited guests".

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