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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lundqvist & Avery Make Forbes Best Dressed Athlete List

ShareThis released their list of the best dressed athletes and two Rangers made the cut - forward Sean Avery and goaltender Henrik Lundqvist.

The stylish duo were the only NHL players that made the list of 15 athletes that included the likes of NBA poster boys LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, pin-up quarterback Tom Brady and soccer superstar David Beckham.

Lundqvist says the honour was a pleasant surprise.

"I'll put up the article in the locker room to feel good about myself," the stylish Swedish netminder told TSN. "It's fun."

Lundqvist admits that his teammates don't necessarily share his fashion sense, but he's trying his best to open their eyes to the concept of dressing well.

"This team is a lot about comfort," said Lundqvist. "They show up at the rink in soft sweat pants and T-shirts. I try to get them in shirts and nice coats maybe game days it works, but not practice days so we have a couple more steps to go."

He does say that the Rangers fashion sense in general has improved during his stint in New York.

"It's been a process but a lot of the guys have improved over the years. It's good to see."

When asked to compare his style to Avery's, Lundqvist said his upbringing in Sweden had a lot to do with his personal style but he admits that the brash forward has a distinct look.

"Maybe I'm a little bit more European in my style," said Lundqvist. "More tight fitted jeans and shirts and boots. He's got good style I have to give them that."

Avery made headlines two years ago when he took a summer internship at Vogue magazine. The self-confessed clothes horse, who also writes a style column for, told People Magazine at the time how much he enjoyed the experience of working in the fashion industry.

"I was surrounded by some of the greatest minds in American fashion and in the world," Avery said.

Henrrik Lundqvist
Goalie, New York Rangers

This dashing Swedish goalie is easily the National Hockey League's most elegant dresser. Lundqvist never wears T-shirts, likes skinny ties and counts Dior, Hugo Boss and Tiger of Sweden among his favorite brands. Teammates have admitted they are a bit baffled by his "European" style and "tight pants."


  1. Was there ever a doubt that he's best dressed? I call him GQ

  2. I do however prefer him in jeans and a tee, but hell who are we kidding he looks good in (n prob out of) anything.... :')

  3. It didn't surprise me one bit. I always thought he was the NHL's version of David Beckham in terms of fashion. It's nice to see him get some recognition for it.