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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist Attended the Grand Opening of Eton of Sweden New York City Flagship Store



In honor of Sweden's St. Lucia Day, New York Ranger Henrik Lundqvist was on hand at the very Nordic opening of the Eton of Sweden Flagship Store.

Henrik also attended the Paul McCartney concert at The Apollo Theater last night. I'll post more photos if/when they become available.

UPDATE: Henrik explains Santa Lucia Day

From the Wall Street Journal:

Beyond promises of lingonberry leaves and angelic singers was the intended presence of hockey player Henrik Lundqvist, who apparently enjoys traditional merriment as much as he appreciates an Eton button-down.

"So here's the deal," Mr. Lundqvist said. "You start celebrating this in kindergarten. Ten girls come in white, one with candles in her hair. Maybe it's a crown made of candles. And they walk around singing Christmas songs in the morning. It happens in schools, in shopping malls. And then at night, it's a big party for youngsters. It's an old holiday. You'd probably have to Google the exact reason why they do it." Did Mr. Lundqvist have any special memories of said holiday?

He pulled this "Brady Bunch"-inspired anecdote out of his black suit: "I was probably 8. I remember my older sister was the Lucia in school. She had her hair cut a few days before, and it turned out that they cut it way too short and she was upset." Sounds juicy. What happened next? "She got over it."

That's it? "That's it. She looked good. I was a proud brother."

Happy belated Santa Lucia Day to all my Swedish readers!


  1. haha, the girl who is Lucia in the picture more looks like she's on a different planet celebrating St. Lundqvists day and hailing the saint himself.

  2. And thanks, I ate some delicious lussekatter. Hope they brought him some too! They're buns with saffran in them that we only eat when it's Lucia. I remember Henrik once said he misses Swedish candy and stuff, so I bet he must have wanted to eat one.

  3. You're right, haha. She definitely looks like she's worshipping him there.

    The article didn't mention anything about that, but maybe they did have it. I'm going to Google it now to see what it looks like. It's been fun learning about Sweden and it's culture through Henrik lol.