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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist Not Dating Princess Madeleine of Sweden


For weeks now, there have been rumors circulating in Sweden that the reason why Princess Madeleine called off her wedding was because she is dating Henrik Lundqvist. It seems that now the rumor has hit North America, as the Toronto Star has published an article stating that Henrik is dating the Princess. This rumor is not true, as I previously posted weeks ago, Henrik was contacted by the Swedish media and he stated that the two are just friends. Henrik is happily living with his girlfriend of eight years, Therese, and they were recently spotted roller blading together in New York's Central Park.

The New York Daily News also has an article about the Princess Madeleine breakup in which Henrik is mentioned- but only as a friend.

The princess is a frequent Manhattan guest, known to hang out with Rangers goalie (and fellow Swede) Henrik Lundqvist and close pal Louisa De Geer.

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  1. They got it all wrong. She's not dating him now but they've apparently had an affair in the past.

  2. Really? Was there ever any proof?

  3. No there is no proof of that either, just rumours. Basically, all that happened now was that Henrik said in an interview, when asked about Madeleine and her problems, that they know each other and 'you could say we are friends'. From that initial interview it was very clear what he meant: they basically knew each other because they have some of the same friends in NY. In the interview he got asked if he would help her out now she has broken up with Jonas, and he even said no, probably her closer friends will do that. So clear. But in newer articles and in other news papers and on the net, all they took from that interview was the line 'one could say that we are friends', and many wrote that he said that in a cryptical way, suggesting he meant that they are actually more. And yeah, as she came to NY after the break up, the rumours just went wild. Some even suggested that Henrik didn't go to the world championships because he's with Madeleine.

    Nasty how reporters can deliberately take info out of context and make it sound like he meant something else, while it was so d*mn clear that he didn't mean anything in that direction.

  4. It was also clear to me that they are just friends. I completely agree with you about the reporters. This is the first time that I know of that there have been rumors about Henrik's personal life here in North America. Usually it's Sean Avery in the tabloids. I don't know if he's dealt with rumors in Sweden in the past, but I guess he probably has. He seems to be handling it well, the guy is such a classy pro.