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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist: "I'm not connected with Madeleine"


NEW YORK Henry lives in New York for several years, but it is only now people are beginning to recognize him on the town. When he has spare time he likes to sit on their rooftop terrace and take it easy

Henrik Lundqvist on celebrity life in New York, father's illness - and rumors of Princess

NEW YORK. He is already King of New York.
But no, Henrik Lundqvist will not complement the proven track record with a Prince record at home in Sweden.
- I do not know how those rumors arose, but I and Princess Madeleine are not a couple, explains the New York Rangers star goalie in Swedish Aftonbladet meets him for an exclusive interview at home in Manhattan.
It's of course silly and rude to even ask.
But rumors that Henrik Lundqvist, or King Henry as he then called back five years to the New York Rangers fans in the legendary Madison Square Garden, and the princess nyseparerade
Madeleine is a few have adopted such proportions that it would be fånigare than not to.
The gossip on the web, it is suggested in the columns and it will secure tip to newspapers.
So when we meet Henke at a bar near the parade deck at home in Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan have sorted out the concepts: Will the King of New York also become Prince of Sweden?

Since I do not have a subscription to Aftonbladet I could not get full access to this article which is a very recent Henrik Lundqvist interview, in which he hopes to put an end to the rumors of his involvement with Princess Madeleine. If anyone out there has access to the full article and would like to pass it on to me to post, it would be greatly appreciated.

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