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Friday, November 20, 2009

Henrik Lundqvist Interview (2008)


Best gift you’ve given?
A BMW 325i convertible to my Mom. Along with it, I gave her a cake with a sign that said,
“Thanks for all the support.”

And the worst?
I gave my twin brother a plastic skull when we turned 14. Yeah, a plastic skull. It was pretty bad.

(Henrik is 40 minutes older than his twin brother Joel, who plays for the Dallas Stars. He credits those extra 40 minutes with getting him on People Magazine’s "50 Most Beautiful" list.)

The most memorable gift you’ve received?
My first pair of hockey pants. They were dark green Jofas, and they were very ugly.

Top 3 things on your wish list?
1) New acoustic guitar

2) A print of Bruce Springsteen from the Morrison Hotel Gallery

3) A Maseratti Gran Turismo.

Can I get a fourth? Because the Stanley Cup would definitely be on there.

(Henrik played in a rock band in Sweden called “Box Play.” He's been known to ride around in New York City cabs with his friends and play acoustic sets. He’s particularly fond of the Foo Fighters.)

Which of those 3 things do you think you’ll actually get?
The Maserati. Definitely.
(Henrik just signed a 6-year $41.25 million contract. He can afford to buy all three for himself, if he wants.)

Last gift you’ve given?
I gave "Breitling" watches to the six trainers of the New York Rangers.
It was the Chrono Super Ocean one with leather straps.

Last gift you’ve received?
I got a Nixon watch from my girlfriend, Therese.

Favorite gift holiday?
Christmas. I used to get all new hockey equipment. Now I get to give a lot of gifts.

Do you feel bad about throwing a gift away if you don’t like it?
Yes, but I still do it. I give a lot of those things to friends and family. Shhh.

When was the last time you gave someone flowers or chocolates?
I gave Godiva chocolates to my parents not too long ago… chocolate truffles, actually.

What makes a bad gift bad?
T-shirts! First, I don’t wear them that often, but I get so many bad ones given to me.
No more t-shirts, please.

And a good gift good?
I actually like getting nice ties, even though that may sound boring. We wear ties to all of our games, and I also like to wear ties a lot when I go out at night.

(“Hank," as he is known to his teammates and friends, likes to wear J. Lindeberg and Dolce & Gabbana suits.)

And last but not least: cake or cupcakes?
Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting.

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