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Monday, November 23, 2009

Henrik Lundqvist Stureplan Interview (2009)


After last year's Christmas campaign with Mats Sundin in the lead role, Lundqvist brothers follow up success with the theme of ice hockey.

This time, the twin brothers Henrik and Joel Lundqvist to shoulder the role of new faces for the clothing chain.

Stureplanv e talked to Henry about the importance of fashion, how he receives praise from Mats Sundin.

And now it’s the Lundqvist brothers who are looking sleek. ast year's campaign face was Mats Sundin and then we also talked with him before this campaign. When the question of who he thinks did best in the entire NHL he answered - You. Do you agree with him?

- Haha, that was nice of Mats. Oh, I do not know. I have not kept track of the other teams, but many go for comfort more than style. It is very soft pants and t-shirts.

I like a little bit more dress. But Sean Avery's very interested in fashion, more than I am, actually. He also likes to dress up, but perhaps more American.

In addition to your success in ice hockey, you are often noticed for your style and dress. How important is fashion to you?

- I can not say that I put so much energy on it, I prefer to wear a suit when traveling, when we need it to us.

But I still have to put a thought behind what I have on me because it's not that I only take on anything.

But since I am not fashion lion who check all the magazines to keep me updated. I drive my style and it works, so it works.

Do you get much free clothes?

- Yes, But I mean, clothing may not all fit

I have to teach myself to throw away clothes. Or give it away, maybe.

Do you have any particular favorite brand?

- John Varvatos, I like that. They include very nice coats.

If you had not been a profession al hockey player, do you think you had worked with fashion, then?

- Hockey is the only one. It has been my life since I was eight years old. It is difficult to know what to put energy and focus into . But it may very well emerge.

I mean, there will be a new career after this. Time flies.

At the moment we talked with Mats Sundin, we asked him who also dresses the worst in the NHL, and when he mentioned a guy named Gary Roberts. Who do you keeps such a high standard?

- During my first two years New York Rangers, I played with a guy named Jason Strudwick. And he was no fashionist a, you can of course say. Very funny shirts and very comfortabl e. But he did not put any energy into it either, and it's fine.

You do as I say this campaign with your twin brother, Joel. Have you borrowed a lot of clothes together through the years?

- No, we have not done, actually. It has probably happened a few times but it is enough to count on both hands. What’s mine is mine and what's his is his. We have not wanted to interfere.

Do you call each other and ask for fashion advise?

- He's called me stylish but I have never phoned him, haha. When we were younger, I was on him quite often, about everything really.

But as we grew older, I stopped with it.

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