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Sunday, July 22, 2018

New Henrik & Joel Lundqvist Interview (July 1st)


GOTHENBURG. A year ago, the hockey villages Henrik and Joel Lundqvist still enjoyed the Common World Cup Gold a month earlier.
When the 36-year-olds set up a summer interview with GT, they are happy with a good season - more than usual, as both Frölunda and Rangers failed.
"A good season you can go and enjoy, a worse one wants to move on," says great brother Henrik.
"I have used the disappointment as a carrot to drive well now," says Joel, the team captain of Frölunda. Joel Lundqvist is early in front of the interview in Frölundas part of the dining room at the top of Frölundaborg.
He fills the plate with lunch food and eats while we wait for Brother Henrik, who, like Joel, ran a morning workout.
The interview is booked at 11.20, but Joel has suggested that we run sooner because the brothers are going to another meeting directly.
Shows the phone with a smile
When it's a quarter past eleven, Joel has finished eating. He calls, but receives no response.
"He's such a time optimist," Joel sighs. This is not the first time I have had to wait for him.
11.19 we see Henrik coming into the dining room. When the clock ticked a minute later he is in place and hears Joel Muttra something about getting on time.
- Look here, we said twenty over the eleven. I'm on time, says Henrik smiling and knocking triumphantly on the mobile display as he holds in front of the brother's face.
- ... until the time we said first, yes, says Joel, pointing to the coffee cup standing on the table waiting.
Henrik goes and pours into a splash of milk and then takes place next to Joel in the interview.
When we met just before midsummer last year, you had celebrated World Cup gold together, both after the final in Cologne and Sergel's square in Stockholm. 
You still went on the steam after the gold. How do you proceed after a failed season like the latest?
"For my part, I was very motivated to bounce back and make a better season. It was not very positive to take away from the former, either in terms of the club or my own achievement, "says Joel.
"My season had two different faces. As good as it was in the first half, it has not felt for several years. But after a series of adversities, the club decided to rebuild and we never recovered from it, says Henrik.
Frölunda was aiming at gold, but went out to the quarterfinal in both SHL and CHL. Likewise, it went to Three Crowns where Joel was once again the captain.
"Of course, it was an experience to participate in the OS. And I had periods when I played ok, it was not sad all the time. But overall, I'm disappointed, I've used it as a carrot to drive hard now. I had a longer season than for many years, which has felt very good, says Joel.

While much went against Frölunda, Henrik spoke of something new in New York Rangers.
"We were in the race for a long time, under half the series I was where I wanted to be. But then we got some injuries to key players. It affected the team quite negatively, we did not get the results. In that situation, the club decided to rebuild. After that, we never recovered, says the goalkeeper.
"I wanted to run out and compete"
The win skull, which gets annoyed almost every time he drops a puck on training, suddenly stood in a team without ambition.
"We sent four of our best players to make room for new next season. We did not go for it, it was about long-term. A new plan. It was something I had never experienced before during my 18 years in Rangers and Frölunda. I understood why. But at the same time I was very hard to take it to me. I wanted to run out, says Henrik. 

Did you, Joel, agree about something like giving up a season?
- No, you can not compare how it works here and over there, we do not build that way. 2011 we were down to the bottom, we missed the playoff and were close to going down the quarrel. Otherwise we have always been in the playoffs.
While the brothers Lundqvist prepared the next season, Three Crowns repeated the company from last year when Henrik became the final hero in the penalty shootout in the final and Joel as the team captain had to raise the bucklan first of all.
Joel announced early that he was doubtful about this year's World Cup, Henriks no came later.
"I wanted to take the opportunity to work properly to make the next season better. And it feels that it was the right decision, says Joel.

Henrik had been hurt by a knee injury since last autumn, when the pictures came from the magnetron, there was not even any discussion about whether the routine goalkeeper should go to the World Cup in Denmark or not.
"There was not much to talk about when I entered the Rangers office. It was just taking a syringe directly in the knee. If I had been to the World Cup I'd delayed it all in one and a half to two months. Now I rested for a month, but have been on ice two times since I came home, says Henrik. Joel has been driving with Frölunda for almost nine weeks after the rest that immediately followed the quarterfinal loss against Malmö.

And he was for the first time without physical problems when Frölunda was invited to the now traditional football with and against IFK Göteborg at Kamratgården two weeks ago.
Did you hear that Joel received praise from Blåvitt's coach Poya Asbaghi, who compared him to Portugal's former great star Luis Figo?
Henrik answers with a gap laugh.
- How? Can you develop, says Henrik, still smiling.
"It was an elegance beyond the usual," Joel replies.

Only plays one round of golf per year
You looked very happy when you ran on the edge like a calf on a green beech.
- Yes, it was very fun, a highlight of the preseason. Not least because I have not been able to linger before, says Joel.
Is there something like in Rangers, that you do something with other clubs?
"No, there's no time for it because we're not together in the summers. When we see the camp before the season, it's full speed right away. But we have a golf tournament every year, but it's more with sponsors and so ...

It sounds like you do not usually win?
- No no. I really do not. I only play one round per year.

The brothers Lundqvist usually spend only the summers when there is a league match.
Have you missed out of the families after the year's failed seasons? Have you been analyzed together?
"I was done with my analysis. I did it quickly, immediately afterwards. Both what was bad for me and for the team. Do you play golf or tennis? It's all up to you. If you are playing a team sport, there are many factors that you can not control. It is therefore important to analyze the right things, says Henrik.

"A bad season, you just want to close"
"The important thing you analyze is that you zoom out and really see what you need to change to get better. It's important to land after a season and then close it, says Joel. Are you having a good season faster or analyzing as much as what Joel described as a skiing season?
"A good season you can go and enjoy, one worse you just want to move on," replies Henrik.
"It's more that you go and suck your water. One can get flashbacks, remind you how fun it was. A bad season, you just want to close, there is nothing to think about, considering Joel.Frölunda center has worked a lot with club and skating techniques during the pre-season. His kite (the part of the ice skate that goes against the ice as he walks) has moved and become a bit longer to get a warmer ride.

Do you change, Henrik, something to the next season?
- I do that every year. If I look back at my 13 years in Rangers, I've changed something every time. Technically, mentally. Sometimes I do not think I've changed anything - but I've always done something. But it's about not overreacting, for example, I was just there where I want to be in the first half of last season.

Under 18 in Elithockeyn, both the brothers and hockey eyes have changed.
How is the accuracy compared to when you started?
"When I was younger I drove a lot more just to do it. Then it was a lot about time, to last for a long time. Now I'm more focused on quality. I have a thought, want to do stuff that helps me on the ice. I think I've become smarter, says Henrik.
"Clearly, now more thinking about how to put things up, you know how your own body works. I spend more hours in the ice halls now than before, but it's about doing the right things, says Joel.

Henrik has three years left on his contract with New York Rangers, Joel has two left with Frölunda.
Both have played since they were small and are dependent on being well trained.

Former Frölunda star Patrik Carnbäck told an interview a few years ago that it was cheated when it would run on the loop during the pre-season.
"Carnbäck was good at it," said Joel.
"Yes, he was one of the best, ha-ha, Henrik flips into the gold companion from 2003.
Have you ever cheated?
"I'm having trouble if I'm going to be honest now. It giggles me when I'm thinking of jumping stuff or taking a shortcut. That has always been the case. It is clear that it has happened, but not many times, says Joel.
"To me it's a balance. Do I cheat or am smart when I try to get more quality? I have pulled down on time. But if I stay twenty minutes longer, give it more or I only struggle more on my body. Sometimes I can wonder if I do enough, says Henrik.

Did you need a coach pointing your whole hand to drive you hard enough and not cheat when you were younger?
Henrik looks at the brother before he answers:
"No, I've always competed against each other in everything.
"We've always driven it," Joel confirms. For the second SM Gold 2005, the twins played all their hockey together. But already three years earlier, their way of exercising changed.
"Until the age of 20, we practiced exactly the same. Then we fought each other when we ran and drove strength. But then we started training differently because of our different positions, "says Henrik.
"I run another type of weight training. For example, when I practice squat, I take more. We play the more Maxx exercises, "Joel says.
"For me, mobility and strength are important," continues Henrik. But the maximum level is no longer at the same level as Joel. We were well-balanced when we were 20. But driving a 160-170 kilo knee did not give me much, much too much on my back. I have another idea there now. Now I have accepted that Joel is faster and stronger. The juvenile is waiting to be included

The brothers Lundqvist are watching training and family life watching the soccer world cup. They not only see Sweden's matches.
"I like watching soccer in the evenings when I turn down," says Henrik.
In addition to the training, the twins also have other commitments during the summer. Soon Henrik's goalkeeping school will start at Öckerö, while hockey school will be held for Joel as a poster name.
"We have been driving for 14 years with the goalkeeper's school. I'm happy with the whole setup, we have a good spin with Joel, me and Frölunda. It's a nice experience for the kids to get there, says Henrik.
Are there your own children there?
- No not yet. Viktor has just filled seven and stands and knocks on the door. He plays in Skärgården, but it may be a little too early to join the hockey school, "says Joel.
"My daughters are not particularly interested in hockey. They like skating, but hockey is not really stuck. There is still gymnastics that applies, "says Henrik.
Right now, the brothers are enjoying their lives. But the next season's thought is never far away.

Frölunda has a residence after the common presidency training, which is being reassessed at the end of July.
Rangers gather after the Swedish summer.
"We'll start sometime in September, everything is not ready yet. It's both nervous and exciting to see where we stand and where we can go. I'm talking a lot with the new coach, I like the thinking, "says Henrik.
"We have been driving for nine weeks together in Frölunda and have had a good time when we built ourselves to make the next season better. Feeling good after these weeks, says Joel. Are you happy to enjoy the summer?
- Yes, I came home early this year. I can meet friends and family and charge the batteries, it's just as important as the training itself that you get back full of energy at the end of August. You can not get there half-fat and half-unattended, "says Henrik.
Are you going to look as spicy in September as you do now, Joel?
- Then I'm more excited, ha-ha. We've been in a heavy period and I'm looking forward to training and eating ice cream again.
Henrik is listening and laughing.
"You can ask for an hour after I've spun him in tennis, then he will not look so excited," said the goalkeeper.

Played tennis with big sister Gabriella
Because that's what the next hit is about, it's after GT's interview.
Henrik and Joel will play tennis with sister Gabriella, who is home on a vacation from the United States where she lives after attending a tennis college.
That was her reason why the whole family Lundqvist once ended up in Båstad when she was going to the gymnasium.
And Gabriella whips of course the shit out of you?
- No, it will be even. The day form determines, says Henrik.
"It was a long time since we drove all three," says Joel.
When I received a few hours later the results of the matches between the three winning shells with the surname Lundqvist came a very short match report from Frölundas team captain:
"It was even between all three, but we do not release the results."
And you can interpret how you want it.

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