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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Henrik Lundqvist Reveals that David Beckham was his Style Icon


We caught up with New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist at Birchbox in Soho to find out more about his partnership with Bread & Boxers, what he’ll be wearing this fall, and which New York Ranger is the most stylish (besides him, of course).

Henrik Lundqvist is the Vezina Trophy-winning New York Rangers goalie known simply to many fans as “The King,” but his style off the ice is just as classy and effortless as his goaltending. Now, the ever-chic Swedish native has joined forces with Bread & Boxers, an everyday basics brand started by his fellow countrymen Alexander Palmgren and Henrik Lindahl after they couldn’t find quality underwear when forgetting their luggage. This fall, the company introduces loungewear in the form of simple yet stylish hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, and shorts, and let Lundqvist—who is also the face of the brand and the force behind its gorgeous photo shoots—weigh in on the design process. And if that’s not enough, Bread & Boxers is celebrating a partnership with Birchbox. Here’s what Lundqvist had to say about Bread & Boxers, his fall style, and a certain stylish Rangers player.

What drew you to partner with Bread & Boxers?

HENRIK LUNDQVIST: For a few years I was talking to one of the founders, [CEO] Alexander Palmgren, a friend of mine from back home in Sweden, to get involved. I love their brand. It’s very simple: black, white, gray, blue; underwear, t-shirts, now loungewear. We wanted to have something that’s comfortable but still stylish and clean. We decided last year to get involved together. We see it as a long-term thing—so it’s something that I can learn from and be a part of. I think this fit is a natural fit for me.

The motto of Bread and Boxers is ‘your everyday favorites.’ What is your ultimate everyday outfit?

HL: I would say right now a very natural outfit for me where I feel comfortable is: jeans, sneakers, a t-shirt, and a leather jacket. It works in New York a lot. The spring [and] fall are long, so it’s nice to feel like you’re half dressed up and half relaxed.

What are your favorite pieces from the new loungewear collection?

HL: The hoodie and the sweater—the way they feel and the way they fit you. Loungewear used to be something that you just put on at home on the couch. Now loungewear is something you wear on the street. It might be sweatpants, or different styles and hoodies. Fashion never really stops changing, so if you asked me 10 years ago if people [would be] walking around in sweatpants and that would be trendy, I’d probably say no, but now it is.

Who would you say is your style icon?

HL: I think a lot of other guys and me looked to David Beckham a lot. He changed so many things in the fashion industry, the way he was dressing, his hairstyles. He’s probably the person that affected me the most in a good way. Once you find your own style, you don’t really look too much to other people.

And who do you think is the best-dressed New York Ranger, besides you?

HL: I think Derick Brassard has a good style

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