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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Interview


BASTAD. Henrik Lundqvist enjoying their summer vacation - in Bastad.
The star goalie took place in the stands during the tennis week with his friends from the US.
- There is such a contrast to New York - I feel free here in Bastad and Sweden, says Lundqvist.
NHL playoffs ended already in the semifinals of the New York Rangers and the Swedish star goalie Henrik Lundqvist.
And as usual, traveling 33-year-old home to Sweden over the summer to recharge your batteries for the next season.
His parents have lived in Bastad since the early 1990s.  It's where Lundqvist partially grew up. Amidst the holiday he fits on visiting Båstad during the tennis week.

- I've been here every year since I was five years old. There have been quite a few holidays. It is an integral part of the summer to be here and watch tennis and, of course, meet mom and dad, says Lundqvist to the Evening Post.

With three friends from the U.S.  the Swede took place on the VIP gallery on Tuesday, wearing a light shirt, dark blue jacket and dark sunglasses.

- I like to just relax when I go home to Sweden. To meet with family and friends - many are not met in nearly a year. Then it will be such contrasts: in New York is full speed and everything is scheduled. I feel more free here. It's very nice, he says.

What do you prefer a day in Sweden?
- Actually, I like best to be at sea. Just collect energy. When it is time at the end of August, you want energy to be able to go back and perform on the ice again.

What do your friends about Sweden?

- We munching a bite to eat and just relax. They love Sweden.

Lundqvist has indulged in a couple of weeks of vacation - but trained on ice for the first time on Sunday. At the age of 33 he started to train differently during the holidays.

- It's not that I run harder in the gym. But you look in the body in a different way with some stretching. And so I play a lot of tennis. It's good exercise, he says.

If you want to stay in Sweden for his career?
- It is quite open so far. We have not decided anything. There are children in the picture now, that one must consider. It depends on the school and friends. Then there is the question when it is time to stop too - it is not known at present. It is something that will emerge.

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