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Saturday, September 6, 2014

New Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Video Interview; Says New Yorkers "Got an Appetite for Hockey"


He is one of the world's premier hockey goalies.
Now Henrik Lundqvist also becoming a TV star.
Sports giant ESPN has launched a documentary series about how athletes formed and what made ​​them great big stars.
The channel is already underway with recording and a team visited the Rangers keeper's home in Åre last week.
- It's a little bit about the players in the team, so now they have been in Sweden and interviewed me and my brother says Lundqvist Sportbladet.
"Actually, nothing new"
But he himself has skeptical headlines as the new documentary series has been at home in Sweden.
- It was really nothing new and it has become a little too magnified. Of course, the interest in hockey are in New York and it has become better after last season's success. New Yorkers got an appetite for hockey. They want success, it does not matter what sport it is, says star goalie.
To ESPN, North America's leading sports channel, choose to do dokumentärn is also an indication of how big profile "Henke" has become in the NHL as well as in New York.
- Sometimes I feel the people recognize me in town, but there are also very many who do not. It is at a comfortable level, he says of his celebrity.
- The mix I like. From that it is intensive in hockey with many fans, to just walk a few streets away from the "Garden" and there I am actually quite anonymous. I think so many sports stars feel. You might be great in your area, but in a city like New York can disappear quite easily.
"I hope and believe in Frölunda"
On Wednesday Lundqvist in Stockholm to launch his new underwear brand "Bread & Boxers" and now he looks forward to a new NHL season.
Rangers start with a home meeting against St. Louis Blues on 9 October.
- It begins to tighten. I'm very psyched. Last season was awesome with the Stanley Cup finals and the Olympics. Incredible highlights. But now we have to reset it.
While he fits on delivering a gold tip in SHL.
- I'm Frölundait in the blood, so I hope and believe in Frölunda.

I don't know why this article (and others I've seen) keeps referring to his Beginnings episode being aired on ESPN. Beginnings is an original show created by MSG Network and that is the network it appears on, not ESPN.

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