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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist's (& Sofi Fahrman's) Guide to New York


Here is our New York

Sofi Fahrman and Henrik Lundqvist guides to their own backyard
Together they have lived for over ten years in the city that never sleeps. Sofis fashion brought back to Sofi Fahrman and stylish hockey star Henrik Lundqvist during a day in New York to get their top tips - and got some crazy stories to boot.

"A dinner at The Standard Grill is the safest bet"
André Balazs hotel The Standard is the heart of the Meatpacking District and is home to The Standard Grill, Boom Boom Room, Le Bain and a classic beer garden. Here Sofi Fahrman and Henke Lundqvist partied together many times and here they invite visitors happy when it's time for a whole evening.
- I like to have some safe bets. A dinner at the Standard Grill and an aperitif or after drink at the Boom Boom, then it will please everyone. I see it a bit like Mc-Donalds, I know what I will get, says Sophie.
And it is the pulse, the skyline, the people and the food. As well as the occasional Swedish.
- If a place is in New York will not be long before it starts to hang Swedes there, says Henrik Lundqvist.
As the New York Swedes are both Sophie and Henry used to play tourist guides.
- Often when I get to visit, they are just as much here to enjoy New York to greet me, and they want the people to have a good time. For me, it's about winning hockey games. If I lose the week I
The visitor then it is not fun, then I'm just pissed. Then they will not be invited back either, says Henrik Lundqvist and laughs.

   FAVORITE PLACE STANDARD GRILL (TV) in the Meatpacking District.
Sofi's best:
- I like the top restaurants such as The Lion. Newly opened in the same group, Bill's 54.
Do you want a complete experience, we have The Darby, it is good if you are a little bigger gang. They have awesome musicians who go around and hand out the microphone to those who exude "I want to sing." One of my companions tore off a song again! All stood up and cheered. Are we a bunch of girls who are out so are the food and the venue is a safe bet at Buddakan.
But there I always go as soon as I land is to La Esquina, I need to get me into their cobs. I can sit on mountaintops or in Stockholm and think about how much I would pay for them. It has been up for 500.
The Lion, 62 W 9th Street,
Bill's 54, 57 E 54th Steet,
Buddakan, 75 9th Avenue,
La Esquina, 14 Kenmare Street,

Henry's best
- Should I bring my family and is a little larger company that is Hillstone good. They have the world's best barbeque pork ribs, I'm a real sucker for them. There is a chain called Houston before, I am a frequent occurring guest at their restaurant on the Upper East Side. They usually have live music if you're lucky, a little jazz. There is no giant ¬ trendy, but cozy and very good meat.
Hillstone, 153 E 53rd Street, / hill least

Sofi's best:
- Barney's yesterday I'm very happy to help. If I only have a weekend in town, and also a lot of work, so it's very ¬ smoothly. They have the best from Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang, a good mix. On the second hand chain Ina ¬ I usually self submitting and ¬ buy things, where can one find a pair of Isabel Marant-boots with the price tag still there! For good base ¬ clothes I go to Uniqlo, they include fine cashmere.
 Barney's, 116 Wooster St. (among others),
 Ina, 21 Prince Street (among others),

Henry's best:
- Meatpacking comes more and more like shopping area, but I still prefer Soho. I always go to Reiss on West Broadway. They have good jackets and I like to shop for jackets. I find it extremely difficult to get rid of stuff. The advantage of having dual lodging is that I can have things both in Sweden and New York, haha. It becomes a part ... Sometimes I go and leave the stuff to an old lady who has everything in its store. I get nothing in return except that she smiles at me every time I walk past on the street, it heats very much! I just think I have shopped second-hand only once in my life and it was a Studio 54 party when I was 18. Trying to buy clothes for my wife, I have given up.
 Uniqlo, 546 Broadway (among others),
 Reiss, 387 W Broadway (among others),
SOFS best:
- Will you have a drink in New York so would you still have a sky bar, otherwise it could be anywhere. Then we go to the Dream Downtown's rooftop bar Ph-D. In summer you can sit outside with the Empire State behind them - that makes everyone happy, it's a classic Instagram ¬ moments! When I am looking for the old, venerable New York I go to the Carlyle Hotel. There I drink no more than a Dry Martini, and to play it a bit fine pianoklink in the background.
 Ph-D, 355 W 16th Street,
 The Carlyle,
35 E 76th Street, / a / carlyle

Henry's best:
- Stone Rose Lounge in the Time Warner building at Columbus Circle is one of the nicest bars in New York. It's a pretty boring area and you have to go through a mall to get there, but well up in the bar on the fourth floor with views of Central Park. After taking the family to dinner at Hillstone, go here to either rev up or wind down the evening. Then it's time to send the kids home!
 Stone Rose Lounge, 10 Columbus Circle, / stone-rose-new

Sofi's best:
- When I am not pregnant, I love to feast on the day, it is not news, haha. I like to then go in places that Beaumarchais and Lavo. Or maybe to Bagatelle, where there has been some crazy lunches. I remember one particular time. They have a Superman Costume in the bar so I decided to surprise my friends and went into the kitchen and switched on. Then they carried me out like Superman with a little drink in his hand!
 Beaumarchais, 409 W 13th Street
 Lavo, 39 E 58th Street
 Bistro Bagatelle, 1 Little W. 12th Street

Henry's best:
- Clubs are actually as much fun at home in Sweden, but if you want only the clearing, bottles on the table and super festive dot com, then it's Avenue, 1 Oak or SL will apply. Do I have to choose one, it becomes 1 Oak. It's been good for a very long time. It's fun and always very busy. It happens more often that people recognize me, but I can live quite relaxed, as usual.
 1 Oak, 453 W 17th Street
 Avenue, 16 10th Avenue
 SL, 409 West 14th Street / nightlife / sl
Sofi's best:
- Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. This will give you both a walk and an experience - the really New York-iga wow feeling. It's such a groovy design and so characteristic of New York, you've seen it in so many movies and so many pictures. Still, I have many friends who have been here several times, but missed the Brooklyn Bridge. I tend to attract a great vintage fair in Brooklyn or we take an ice cream at the Brooklyn Icecream Factory. Since we tend to move towards the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg and finish on their rooftop bar.
 Brooklyn Icecream Factory, corner of Old Fulton and Water Street
 Wythe Hotel, 80 Wythe Avenue,

Henry's best:
- Do I have a day off to try my wife Therese drag with me to Central Park, it's actually very relaxing. It's hard to find a relaxing place in New York, it's full speed wherever you are. In the park, strolling man, it's not the same tempo. Especially on hot days so are people everywhere, it's like you've taken a step outside of town. And yet it is a very active sense of the park. It feels very healthy.

Sofi Fahrman and Henrik Lundqvist

SOFI Fahrman
Occupation: Creative Advisor at Sofis fashion, pushing Sofis snapshots and the author of three novels and a training book. Age 33 years.
Family: fiancé Nick and a daughter. Little sister Frida Fahrman with family and mom and dad Fahrman home in Stockholm.
Lives: Hesitation between Stockholm, Verbier and New York.

Occupation: Hockey Goalie of the New York Rangers. He was appointed last year to the NHL's best goalie and has three times been selected for the league's All Star Game. His 40 minutes younger twin brother is the captain for Frölunda HC. Henke has also been praised for its style and in 2009 appeared the brothers Lundqvist in a fashion campaign for Brothers. He has played in numerous advertising campaigns for Head & Shoulders, the latest along with Sofi Fahrman.
Age 31 years.
Family: Teenage Love Therese Andersson, who he married last year, the daughter Charlise that fills a July 10 and dobbermannen Nova.
Lives: In a penthouse with roof terrace in Hell's Kitchen, New York, and in Gothenburg.

All credit goes to reader Mickael for getting this article to me. Thank you!

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