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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Exclusive Henrik & Charlise Lundqvist Foraldrar & Barn Scans

I'd like to thank John from Titeldata AB for the complementary issue of Foraldrar & Barn (Parents & Children) magazine of Sweden. I'd also like to thank him for the kind words about my blog! 

Keep in mind this interview was conducted during the lockout while Henrik was in Sweden.

Here's the translation:

Hockey star Henrik Lundqvist has never liked to stay in other people's children. Then he became a father. And the daughter Charlise both feeling in the hands and whole life changed for good.

Uneasiness of the past, for keeping other people's children, as I said, blown away now. With rigging touch corrects father Henke Lundqvist to the pink hat and lets her daughter standing balance in the knee.

- With Charlise I have from the beginning felt pretty comfortable. She feels durable. I'm pretty confident that she does not get hurt, do not feel afraid to hold her fault, says Henrik and offers one of his broad smiles.

It's like with cars, he explains. When you are driving someone else's car, you are terrified to bump it. But when you run your own it just feels natural and comfortable. So I have felt with my own children, it is quite natural.

Charlise may rest against his father's chest for a moment. It's lunchtime and finished practicing for Henrik Lundqvist, locked out NHL star in Sweden and Gothenburg visit.

- I run with Frölunda but for myself four or five times a week as long as it is not resolved, he sighs slightly towards the parking lot.

Hockey player, who since last summer also can call himself my father, looking outside the rink pretty much like in the commercials. Tall and lanky, in well-tailored blazer jacket, black jeans and boots, he emphasizes the familiar bangs from his forehead and steps briskly away against "kids car". A shiny black Maserati, with matching high chair, rumbles VROOM when Henke gas against Slottsskogen and Villa Belparc. Here is a coffee break for mom Therese with a friend and her daughter Charlise.

King Henry, he is called in the U.S.. When the man, who appointed both NHL's best goalie as one of the most well-dressed and sexy athletes, moving among people noticed he guaranteed.

"Is it HIM", I wonder a young waiter reverently. Henke need a secluded corner with a door to close, do not want to be stared at, especially with her daughter.

- If it's just me, I can handle it, but when Charlise is to will the messy, he says.

Five-month-old daughter sits steadily and seemingly satisfied in a leather armchair while dad hangs up coats. Sometimes it sounds like she is chatting. The pacifier, attach the lanyard on the white plush link, does not seem to attract but eyes wandering curiously around.

- So there she usually sit when she is with me sometimes, laughing Henke and says proudly that "she is quite stable in the body actually".

Henrik Lundqvist has been to Gothenburg for a month when we meet and say at home, although he is New Yorkbo seven years. In most cases, whole life was hockey. But because of, or because of, the lockout depending on how you look at it, then the first time his father had unexpectedly a lot of time with both the daughter, the wife and the whole family. Both Henrik and Therese have their parents and siblings here and could not be here as much as they usually do in the summer because Charlise born in New York at the time.

- I have been able to be home a lot more, yes paternity leave, in a way. In New York, we had a little help with Charlise but here we take care of it themselves and take turns. In this way, it is obviously good timing, to stand Henrik and Therese undoubtedly agree.

When hockey circus is running she does not see much of her husband.

- It's like night and day, she says, when Charlise a while later to get food again.

While it is clear that half a year without matches depletes the patience for Henrik.

- I do not feel 100 percent good when I can not do what I like. My life has revolved around the hockey, so I climb a little on the walls.

Yet something has changed. Since July, Henrik Lundqvist started to broaden their thinking as he puts it. Hockey, he has played a big part of his life since he was little. And of course, much revolves thoughts on just that. But thanks Charlise he notices already, "at a very early stage" as a father, he's talking about other things, make other priorities also in life.

- If I have not met Therese for a while before we talked only about the relationship or what you yourself have done. If I was out of town now is the big first question is how the night has been or how are Charlise?

Before Therese and Henry became parents had almost all the friends of children, as well as Henry's sister and twin brother. When Henry finally felt ready, it was with mixed feelings.

They are nervous that life will change too much, nervous about to do right. But while it is clear that I thought it would be fun and exciting too. I think all parents feel some fear, you do not really know how to make it even though we had many children around us.

When Charlise born birth went smoothly. Just a few hours was "a little tougher" as the father describes it. It's role was really just to keep a good face.

- At a time, I tried to pep, but then I was told to be quiet, so it did not work properly, or Henry.

The first day that Dad felt unreal, it was really his children? God so small she was, he thought.

- What I realized at once was that now my life will change forever. Physical needs may not be so much different. Some of the proceeds to be very active, even if they have children. But the big difference is mental. Now it's about someone else, someone I need to focus on.

From his childhood in Åre he remembers especially all activities in kindergarten, with his brother and at home. Dad was ski instructor and it was extremely sports, soccer, skiing and hockey. Joelochhenrik the brothers called as a small, almost like a lump, exactly the same, with the same friends, the same interests and the same racing instinct in both sports as a school.

- I was blue and he was red, for kindergarten teachers to keep track. Mom and Dad made it a little easier for them, explains Henrik that still likes to dress in blue, mixed with black, gray and white, "to keep it simple."

In team sport hockey won and lost brothers together, pushed and inspired each other and played in the same team until they were 23 years old.

Then disappeared Henke to the U.S.. When he now going to explain what separates him and Joel, he has looked goalkeeper position.

- I may have gone my own way more. Being a goalie can sometimes be a little lonely, doing their own thing and maybe think more about themselves - for better or worse. He might have thought a little more on the second.

When Henrik is now mulling over his father's role, it is with great gratitude to their parents.

I thought my dad was way cool when I was little. He worked a lot but was involved in the things we did. When he was with us, he was really with and supported, but to push ourselves to any particular direction.

- Both he and Mom drove us to trainings and tried to steer us but wanted to give us the opportunity to do what we wanted. Such a parent, I also want to become.

How he is as a father is too early to say. Now it's mostly about service, to be a support person, but in time he looks forward to shape their children more.

- It is important, he affirms seriously.

Even today, he can dream of juggling with his daughter, preferably in tennis, which he loves. But everything is possible, and he will not curl, just come up with good advice sometimes if his daughter wants, he thinks.

Life over there, in New York, waiting once again, let the luxury of an ordinary small-child parent. Henke and Therese usually eat out or buy food home, so there is not much disk - something that has been his lot to handle before. So far Charlise also hangs easily with almost everything.

But sleep takes a beating even the family Lundqvist. Since Charlise born Henke has not been able to sleep nine or ten hours a night as he had been accustomed in the past. At the beginning turned out to lack of sleep in the classics that he went out with the leash and forgot the dog.

I was extremely confused and put things where it really was not the right place because I was so tired, he laughs.

Getting the routine work is the hardest so far, he thinks. Meanwhile, in Sweden, the daughter's food and sovrytm received a new blow after the time change and colds. In a few weeks she slept one hour and a half in shock and Henrik and Therese took turns, up and down, up and down.

- So far, she gets breast milk, but I help with the bottle, berries and rolling cart. She loves to travel by car, but it is unfortunately not at night. Otherwise it's incredibly effective. She always falls asleep right away!

In other first-time parents, he really just an advice. You have to be open to change.

- Children go through different phases and then I have to adapt myself!

When Charlise wrapped in the black sports car trolley wheels must be removed to fit in the trunk. At home in New York is a Lamborghini, but in the future may also bilvalet be affected and become something more family practice.

- We'll see this summer, suggests Henke without seeing enthusiastic.

But when her daughter smiling on the way he smiles back.

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