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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Bois Foundation Interview


UNEXPECTED ISSUES. Henrik Lundqvist took place in the hot seat during the interview with the foundation Bois. And the star goalie got questions he never faced before. "It was something different than what I'm used to," he says. Full interview with Henrik Lundqvist can be found in the foundation Bois magazine that comes out around Christmas. 
Here, "Henke" thoroughly grilled

1 You do commercials for shampoo, you have lost your own dandruff?
- I do not think I've had dandruff. It is more about trying to prevent.
2 Have lunch box with you to work?
- No. We have a restaurant at the training ground, so it is not necessary.
3 Will Joel drive your Lamborghini?
- He rarely has time to come and visit in New York, so it has not been an issue. But of course he can.

A regular sports, but especially for boys and girls with intellectual disabilities. Everyone can participate, regardless of level of disability or expertise.
The foundation Bois has over 400 members, of which about 260 are active athletes. Sports are football and hockey. They hold to the old regimental area Kviberg in northeastern Gothenburg. The website is

GOTHENBURG. When Henrik Lundqvist came to the foundation Bois, he questions he never met before.
In over an hour grill was he by Joakim Andersson in the hot seat. He was among other answer if he sleeps on a cot at the home of Joel and his lunchbox with him to work.
- It was something completely different than what I'm used to, says super goalkeeper. But really fun.

The world's best hockey goalie in place at home in Gothenburg is a byte basis Bois did not want to miss. An obvious choice to put in the hot seat in the association's premises in Kviberg.
Joakim Andersson, who in this way met several celebrities for interviews to the association's Journal "magazine", had as usual prepared for lots of questions and photographer Daniel Jeppsson was ready with the camera.
Henrik Lundqvist was given coffee and lussekatt while the questions rattled.
- I was prepared for a broad set of issues, saying "Henke". But I was still surprised by some of them.
Like when Joakim, in red Frölunda-shirt, asked if he was afraid of being bitten by a shark in the butt when he was bathing in the sea at home in the U.S. or if he used to have with lunch box to work.
- I want to ask questions that no other place that you can not see in any other magazine, says Joakim, who except that he plays football and is shooting iron reporter also is a director and officer of the foundation Bois.

"Glad he set up"
You've interviewed a lot of celebrities, how was it to put questions to Henrik Lundqvist compared to the others?
- Everyone I've met is beautiful in its own way, "Henke" Also, he answers. It was great that he stood up, he's not just a good hockey goalie and a major icon of Gothenburg.
The goalkeeper himself was also pleased with the meeting.
- It is uplifting to see people who are passionate about so for both the sport and what they are doing. And I mean not just the players but everyone around, he says. Additionally, all well organized.

Have you encountered anything like this in North America?
- I have met many enthusiasts in the U.S., but nothing like the foundation Bois responds Lundqvist.
You got a question if you follow the foundation Bois on Twitter or Facebook. How will it be?
- Previously, I have not. But now I begin to check every now and then, it'll be fun to follow them, says Henrik Lundqvist.

This sounds like it's going to be a really fun and interesting interview to read. Can someone in Sweden buy me a copy of this magazine when it comes out? I'd be very grateful. I can pay you via PayPal. If not, if someone finds a copy of this magazine, I'd appreciate it if you can summarize the interview for us. I ask because I'm not sure if it's going to be posted online. Thanks in advance. 

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