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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The King To Have a Princess; Henrik & Therese Are Expecting a Baby Girl


Sure, he's an Olympian, a world champion, and an all-star goalie. But Henrik Lundqvist's proudest accomplishment so far? His daughter-to-be.
At a Calvin Klein tuxedo fitting for Wednesday's NHL Awards, the hockey star, 30, opened up to Us Weekly about getting ready to welcome a baby girl in late July with his wife of one year, Therese Andersson.
"We're having a girl," Lundqvist revealed. "Watching all my friends go through [having kids], I think I know what to expect, but we'll see! I'm excited about it."
The Swedish-born athlete also said his wife's pregnancy has been "pretty good" so far. "No sickness and stuff like that," he shared. As for the best advice he's gotten from other parents?
"Just sleep when you have the time to sleep," he said, laughing. "Especially in the first few months!"

One thing Lundqvist is sure of -- when it comes to his own children, he won't encourage any hockey hobbies.
"I'm not planning to try to get her into hockey," the pro said of his plans to bond with his daughter off the ice. "I love tennis though -- why not? My sister played tennis growing up and I love it. I play tennis every summer."
The 2012 NHL Awards will air live from Las Vegas Wednesday at 7 p.m. EST on NBC Sports.

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  1. Rumor was that it was a boy. She's going to be daddy's little girl n never leave his side. By the way he is with the kids from garden if dreams you can tell he's going to make a great dad...Congrats to Henrik n Therese.