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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist AftonBladet Interview On Turning 30 And The Truth Behind The Bird Rescue


On the evening of April 23 last year belonged to Henrik Lundqvist, a new sound.
He had just released three pucks past him, the Rangers were eliminated in the finals first round, he laced the skates, the showers roared and ... huh? What was it that clicked?
Please tick tocket inside his head?

- It was the first time I heard the clock ticking. Before, I was quite young, I have many chances, but then I realized: my time is limited. I can not keep up! I have to take advantage of every year!
Was it scary?

- Yes. Career is limited. This is my seventh year, who knows if I've been here half my time yet? I do not know how long I can stay in the NHL.

But then we are on the subject: Congratulations on the 30th anniversary.
- Thank you, it'll be fun. It feels like there has been rapid.Recent years have run away, but I have no panic at all.
"30 years old"
What was your image of 30-year-olds when you were 20?

- I thought the players were very old. The question is whether 20-year-olds feel the same way for me today.

Do you believe that?

- Do not know. I feel pretty young, but older than them, have other side interests, topics of conversation. I feel sometimes that I have grown up.
I'm looking for signs of your aging on your Twitter. I find any.
- Give me an example.

December 13: You say you have saved a bird and kept it indoors overnight. Have you become bloodier?

- No. I have not been bloodier, but now the truth will out. It was my wife who saved it, then I came and took the honor. I wanted to make out that we made a team-work, but it was just her. She had that little bird, and knew how it should be handled. The next day found Therese owner as well.

30 December: you quote Jon Bon Jovi on that you should not be complacent. Have you been gubbigare?

- I thought it was a good quote. I've always liked Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi. If that makes me the man I am there.

6 February: you complain about the two punctures. Have you been tjurigare?

- Amateur grumpy, maybe. No, in my defense is a puncture never fun. Terribly annoying. And I was late for a meeting.
- However, I am tjurigare on training again, like when I was younger. I compete against the guys and get really pissed off when they score. It has come back after a few quiet years.
After finals sortin and summer-fire Rangers kept his body and energize the team, among others, Brad Richards. But the major contribution was free.
Teammates noticed on precampen that Henrik Lundqvist had rediscovered his single-minded, sour, determined side.Opponents became aware when the series got under way.
Rangers tops today Eastern Conference clearly has conceded färst goals in the NHL. Henrik Lundqvist has been the league's highest save percentage (94 percent), cuts the second-fewest goals against (1.75) and has held zero most number of times by all (8).
It smacks Vezina Trophy, the prize to the season's best goalkeeper, the 30-year-old.

- Well, it is the general managers who vote. I do not know what their view. It is my best season so far, but I see too little of the other goalies to know, he says.

You started NHL career with three straight Vezina nominations but has not been as close to the price until now. Have you been worse the last - seasons?

- I have been steady, but the first few years I might have been sharper. This year I have driven myself to work harder to get better. I'm a little hungrier. You need to put pressure on yourself.

How is Lundsanityn in New York?

- Jojo, a few walks around with those t-shirts. Jeremy Lin came out of nowhere, and now the basketball and hockey hajpat in town. Personally, it's nice when people appreciate what you do and are excited about the season so far.

The last question may need to be explained. Jeremy Lin is a point two guards who last winter lifted the basketball team the New York Knicks and created "Linsanity". When Lundqvist zeroed Boston February 14 was born hockey equivalent of "Lundsanity", which that day was the second most discussed topic on Twitter.
Lundqvist has understood that he is beginning to be recognized.

There is a picture of yourself you've seen a lot of: you celebrated in the arena, driving a sports car, playing guitar and doing shampoo commercials. What is left, which we do not see?

- No, I do not read everything, but feel that what I have seen gives an honest picture of who I am.

You married in August and have children in July. How will you be like Dad?

- I hope I will be funny. When I get home on days I want to be involved in the child's life and interests. I remember my parents who were incredible support for me. Always helpful, they are not pushed, but supported and assisted.Such a parent, I also want to be.

Have you checked the sex of your baby?

- Not yet. But we will probably do.

"There was a time for love"

If you count back nine months from July will be until October. Seventh October, the NHL premiere at the Globe after a week of Rangers in Europe. In other words, we can shatter a myth about sex and hockey. It's time for love in the season.

- Yes, we had pretty good timing for weddings and training camp. It worked great. It was a tough start with Europe and Canada, but there was time for love.

Record skilled Lundqvist
The goalkeeper rank their finest records in the NHL:
The first Is the first goalie in NHL history to win 30 games in each of his first seven seasons in the league.
"It's a milestone that I'm proud."
The second Nominated first three seasons (06-08) for the Vezina Trophy as the year's goalie. Finished third all times.
"To be nominated three times in a row, it felt good."
The third Has five consecutive years (07-11) has been selected to the Rangers key players.
"I know I have an important role in the team."

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