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Friday, September 30, 2011

Henrik & Joel Lundqvist Swedish Post-Game Video Interview


Thank you to reader Anna for providing us with a translation for the interview:

They just talk about how it was for him to be there. He says he tried to prepare himself for this but that it wasn't possible. He's usually very focussed before a game but that was hard this time. He was nervous to play against Joel. He has been thinking about it a lot this week, how much has happened since he came to Frölunda 16 years ago. It feels unreal. The team has meant a lot to him and his brother since they were 5 years old. Joel says Henrik played a great game and that he didn't get any good chances, that he was mostly chasing the puck. When asked if next time they'll play together instead of against each other they say we'll see, a lot can happen in a career but right now Joel loves playing in Frölunda and Henrik in NY.

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