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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist & Marcus Samuelsson Cook for Gourmet Sweden


A weeks ago, I spent some time with Henrik Lundqvist, the Swedish hockey goalie for the New York Rangers. We spent some time hanging out and doing a little home cooking as we reminisced about Sweden.

Always a front runner for the Vezina Trophy, the award for best goalie in the NHL, Henrik ended up number one in the league for shutouts in the 2010-2011 season. He finished 5th in the league for number of saves, and though he wears a goalie mask, he has become the face of the New York Rangers.

Our get-together is part of a series in Gourmet Sweden magazine that shows well-known Swedish artists and athletes improving their cooking skills with the help of famous chefs. For this, I got the pleasure of spending time with arguably the best hockey goalie in the NHL, Henrik Lundqvist, just doing what I love to do, cooking and sharing experiences. Our story will be featured in the October issue of Gourmet Sweden.

Thanks to reader Debra for the link. In case you were wondering, that is indeed Henrik's kitchen in his NYC apartment. This meeting took place before he went back to Sweden for the summer.

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