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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist Doesn't Mind Buying Wine Every Week

Henrik Lundqvist, who buys wine for his teammates after each shutout (perhaps from the inventory of the restaurant of which he is a part owner that opens soon), is now at a career-high and league-leading 11.

"That was my goal. I can't believe I did it," said The King, who had shutouts last season and in 2007-08. "I said the other night that there is no way I could be there by myself.

"There have been some shutouts I had to work really hard, but there have also been some shutouts where the team has been outstanding in front of me.

"The guys like getting more wine so I keep buying wine every week now. I don't mind though."

But the King aggravated the neck injury he first sustained a week ago Friday in the collision with Benoit Pouliot when Patrice Bergeron crashed into him with 2:56 to go in the second period following a nudge from Marc Staal.
"It was the exact same spot. It's sore," said Lundqvist, tended to on the ice by ubiquitous trainer Jim Ramsay. "It's back to where it was a week ago.

"I guess I will have to keep turning my whole body instead of just my head."
Lundqvist has surrendered three goals on 118 shots with two shutouts in four games (0.73 goals against average, .975 save percentage) since the initial injury. The King has a 1.67 goals against average with a .947 save percentage over his last 10 games including three shutouts, two one-goal games and two two-goal games.

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